Vocera Analytics

Students will receive an overview of Vocera Analytics' key features, basic components, and system architecture. Learners will also receive training on how to use the various dashboards for identifying speech recognition problems, gathering information about units and users, and monitoring speech port usage, among other activities. 

Vocera Analytics

This course teaches Analytics administrators about the system's software and hardware requirements; how to manage users, roles, and states; and to how use report features to manage usage and device inventory.

  • Manage system users
  • Schedule reports using Report Scheduler
  • Track interruptions (by unit, bed, etc.)
  • Inventory management
  • Dashboard usage
  • Viewing Vocera solution usage

Audience: This course is designed for Vocera Analytics Administrators.

Course Topics:

  • What is Vocera Analytics?
  • The benefits of using Vocera Analytics
  • How to manage users of the system
  • Running reports vs. using dashboards
  • How to use the Report Scheduler to set up packages of reports to run automatically
  • How to use dashboards to assist with:
    • Inventory management and usage
    • Tracking system usage
    • Identifying users and/or departments having speech recognition problems
    • Gather information about units and users
    • Determine why a user didn't answer a call
    • Determine speech port usage
    • Track interruptions by unit, bed, etc.)
Prerequisite: Learners must have Vocera Analytics installed.

To achieve maximum benefit from the course, we recommend teams of two students with a basic knowledge of the Vocera system and access to a training/conference room set with the following equipment:

  • High speed Internet connection
  • Speaker phone
  • LCD projector
  • Two computers (one to project the webinar; the other to view the GoToMyPC remote connection)

This configuration provides a more interactive learning environment and is beneficial for performing lab exercises.

SKU: 800-01200

Price: $495.00 per login*

*Teams of two students may attend if students are located in a reserved training or conference room. Both students should have a basic knowledge of Vocera.

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