Vocera Engage System Administration

This two-day course provides students with an understanding of how Engage works and teaches how data flows through the system, including how to examine the system’s rules and filters. Students learn how to troubleshoot and administrate Engage, as well as receive a comprehensive review of the relationship between Engage Support and how Vocera manages change requests.

Vocera Engage System Administrator Training

This course is designed to provide students with tools and confidence to ensure they can successfully perform the tasks necessary to administrate Vocera Engage (for Platform 5). Using a lab environment, students will apply what they learn using real-world scenarios.

  • Learn the common responsibilites of an Engage System Administrator
  • Understand where data comes from and understand the core components used to manage data
  • Create and manage rules
  • Learn how to search through Message and Alert tracking workflow

*This course does not apply to Vocera Platform 6.

Audience: This course is designed for Engage System Administrators. 

Course Topics:

  • Understand the core components of the Engage data flow
  • Identify the various types of adapters
  • Discuss the components and rules of a dataset
  • Describe how conditions and filters work within rules
  • Perform a system backup
  • Understand predefined roles and how to manage them
  • Initiate a remote support session
  • Understand SNMP monitoring vs. SMTP system notifications
  • Understand how to manage the functions 
  • of the Administrator menu
  • Learn the data to provide in a support request
  • Obtain best practices for troubleshooting common issues
  • Understand the Engage Audit Log and how to use it
  • Know when to escalate an issue to Support
  • Understand Engage's Assurance Policy and 
    Change Management standards

SKU: 800-01715

Price: $1320.00 per student

*This course does not apply to Vocera Platform 6.

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