Database Design and Best Practices

At the core of a healthy Vocera System is a healthy database. With your Vocera Database as a guide, this half day course will cover the concepts of Vocera Database Design and Best Practices for System Administrators.

Database Design and Best Practices 

Using Vocera's proven design methodology students will participate in lectures and labs to understand and potentially identify corrective Database Design measures.

  • Run the Datachecker and identify action items
  • Explore the Permission Browser to confirm correct permission propagation
  • Determine if Alternate Names are accurate and necessary
  • Confirm Groups have proper forwarding end points
  • Review the Server sizing matrix
  • Understand best practices for Float pool design

Audience: This course is designed for Vocera System Administrators.

Course Topics:

  • Determine Alternate Name accuracy
  • Explore Permission Browser to confirm
    correct permission propagation
  • Float Pool Design
  • Run Datachecker and identify action items
  • Server sizing recommendations
  • Using Alternate Spoken Names
  • User Summary Report


Requirements: Students will need access to their production Vocera Server Admin console or provide a backup of their database to be installed on a training server or your staging server for the purpose of identifying necessary modifications. If constrained by an organizational policy students will not be required to show their database to other participants.

To achieve maximum benefit from the course, we recommend teams of two students with a basic knowledge of the Vocera system and access to a training/conference room set with the following equipment:

  • High speed Internet connection
  • Speaker phone
  • LCD projector
  • Two computers (one to project the webinar; the other to view the GoToMyPC remote connection)

This configuration provides a more interactive learning environment and is beneficial for performing lab exercises.

SKU: 800-01200

Price: $495.00 per login*

*Teams of two students may attend if students are located in a reserved training or conference room. Both students should have a basic knowledge of Vocera.

Time Date Location Fee Details
8:30am - 11:30am PT February 5 Online $ 495.00
8:30am - 11:30am PT April 10 Online $ 495.00
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