Vocera Ease App FAQ

Vocera Ease Application FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Family members can download the app for FREE from either the Apple or Android Store to their mobile device. A unique access code is generated by following a simple registration process. Then the access code is then scanned by the healthcare professional, and a secure connection is made. Soon they will be receiving updates directly from the operating room.

After the medical provider scans the Patient/Consenting Authority's phone at the hospital, they will receive the text message inviting them to join Ease. To receive messages automatically, the Patient/Consenting Authority should presses "continue" on the app. On iOS, press "Send" when the text message screen appears.

VoceraEase uses 256-bit encryption to protect all communications transferred over the internet. 256-bit encryption is the same level of security as banks and credit cards use to safeguard information. Vocera Ease also abides by the same health care regulations (HIPAA and HITECH) that hospitals use to keep your protected health information safe.

Vocera Ease data is protected at every level within Amazon Web Services (AWS) secure cloud. All data on the cloud is secure, and AWS is used by leading Fortune 500 companies and the US Government.

Vocera Ease leverages Amazon AWS for the highest compliance level and follows the SOC 2 Type auditing protocol. These reports are issued by independent third-party auditors covering the principles of Security, Availability, Confidentiality, and Privacy.

A Veracode Assessment has been performed on the platform to ensure the highest of compliance.

No. All texts, photos, and videos disappear after 60 seconds of viewing them. Nothing is saved on a device.

If you get disconnected:

  • Please check your WIFI connection. The app will automatically reconnect once you have an internet connection.
  • You can also try to flick the app closed and reopen. Double click your home button on iOS to see all your open apps to do this.

Do not delete Ease once you are connected, or you will not be able to get reconnected.

The hospital will designate a clinical staff member to keep patients and loved ones updated throughout a hospital stay or procedure.

No. Vocera Ease is a one-way communication from the clinician to the loved ones.

All Vocera Ease messages are either saved on a secure HIPAA compliant server or deleted at the hospital facility's discretion.

Vocera Ease is dependent on a wifi connection. If used in a poor reception area, you may not receive updates, or the app may not work properly.




No. Once the session is started, all settings are locked, and it cannot be changed.

No. Vocera Ease does not require integration with any hospital system to function. Optional integration with your EMR can occur as needed.




Vocera Ease works with all Mobile Device Management Systems such as Airwatch, Mobile Iron, and others.

Yes, our support team handles all customer support calls from your patients, their recipients, and your clinical team.




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Call US: 1-866-776-3298 extension 2 -or- contact Vocera Ease Support

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