Discover Why Real-time Health Systems are Critical to Patient Safety


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COVID-19 is highlighting how nurses, clinicians, and other care team members contend with infectious diseases on a daily basis - and the need to protect patients and healthcare workers.

But even communicating can increase contamination risks when dealing with such a highly infectious virus – mobile phones aren’t easy to use with PPE whilst pagers lack the privacy and security protocols needed in healthcare.

During this webinar, learn how hospitals can:

  • quickly and intelligently transform data into actionable information
  • communicate with the right person at the right time - even under PPE
  • safeguard patients and staff
  • maximise operational and clinical performance


Discover Why Real-time Health Systems are Critical to Patient Safety

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Ben Kanter, MD, will discuss the importance of building a real-time health system to improve patient care, safety, and care team well-being.

Dr. Kanter will outline what it takes to be a smart hospital and the solutions needed to simplify clinical workflows and safely streamline care.

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Ben Kanter, MD, FCCP | Chief Medical Information Officer at Vocera

Vocera technology has bridged our communication gaps – allowing instant hands-free voice calls, improving patient care coordination, and enhancing staff and patient safety by reducing response times.

Norman Bowman, Clinical Ward Administrator at Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust

The Vocera numbers speak for themselves, and they show this technology can dramatically reduce the time it takes to connect with a colleague and get a response. That has a real impact on the care we provide.

Adrian Plunkett, Paediatric Intensivist Consultant at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Vocera Badges allow our team to safely communicate under PPE during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Victoria Sudron, Service Improvement Coordinator at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Trust

Since implementing Vocera, we no longer have communication delays due to the ‘page and wait’ scenario.

Nick Roper, Clinical Director at North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Trust
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