The Vocera Smartphone Deployment Solution

Solution Briefs

Vocera offers a comprehensive portfolio of integrated, intelligent solutions to improve communication and workflow for today’s mobile, mission-critical workers, enabling them to securely and instantly connect with the right person, group, or information. This portfolio includes the Vocera® Collaboration Suite, an enterprise-ready application for smartphones designed to work inside and outside the walls of the facility. The Vocera Smartphone Deployment Solution eases the purchase, deployment, and management of smartphones to support mobile communication applications from Vocera.


The Vocera Smartphone Deployment Solution accommodates iOS® and Android™ devices and includes an extended battery pack, a docking station for storing and charging, along with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool for managing the software on smartphones.

• The extended battery pack provides operating life for smartphones to ensure full device functionality for the duration of a 12-hour shift

• The battery pack is also a case to protect smartphones for use in demanding environments

• The docking station offers secure storage and charging for a variety of mobile devices

• The storage station can connect together multiple smartphones or tablets enabling them to be managed from a central computer connected to the docking station

• Mobile Device Management (MDM) software allows companies to monitor, manage, support, and secure mobile devices, allowing IT organizations to support mobile workers while providing security for sensitive data

Docking and Storage Key Features

Using smartphones in a shared environment requires a practical solution for charging and storing the devices when not in use. The Vocera Smartphone Deployment Solution incorporates a modular MultiDock docking station that enabling any combination of smartphones and tablets to be stored and charged simultaneously.

• Each docking station holds up to 10 devices. When three docking stations are cascaded, up to 30 devices can be stored and charged

• USB charging sockets enable any mobile device to be charged with the appropriate connector cables

• Optional castors and handles can be attached to enable mobility when several docking stations are connected together

• Up to 10 watts of charging power are available for each device (5 volts @ 2.1 amps)

Extended Battery Pack Key Features

Smartphones used in healthcare environments are frequently running many applications at the same time and the battery usage can be significantly higher than in a conventional environment. The extended battery pack in the Vocera Smartphone Deployment Solution is in a protective enclosure that contains a battery that significantly extends the active time of a smartphone being used in a demanding shift environment. Features include:

• 2100 mAh battery providing up to 120% more usage time than the standard device battery

• Ergonomic, form-fitting, fully protective impact resistant case-and-battery-in-one

• Battery power that can be seen at a glance with an integrated four-light LED indicator

• Built-in short circuit, over-charge, and temperature protection for safety

• Rechargeable for over 500 full cycles

For more specific technical details on the extended battery pack, please refer to the Mophie website:

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Key Features

The Vocera Smartphone Deployment Solution also addresses the need for device management and security with a comprehensive MDM solution to provide visibility over the devices connecting to your enterprise network, content, and resources.

• Manage and secure personal devices as well as company-owned devices.

• Quickly and easily enroll new devices

• Configure and update device applications and settings over-the-air

• Enforce security policies and compliance for all mobile devices

• Ensure high scalability for growth

• Display as a traditional on-premise solution or as a hosted service

For more information regarding our MDM offering, visit our solution partner—Remote Relief at their website:

Smartphone Purchasing Options

Vocera has collaborated with Apple to create a process that makes purchasing iPhone devices efficient and easily manageable. See your Vocera sales representative for more details

Vocera technology has bridged our communication gaps – allowing instant hands-free voice calls, improving patient care coordination, and enhancing staff and patient safety by reducing response times.

Norman Bowman, Clinical Ward Administrator at Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust

The Vocera numbers speak for themselves, and they show this technology can dramatically reduce the time it takes to connect with a colleague and get a response. That has a real impact on the care we provide.

Adrian Plunkett, Paediatric Intensivist Consultant at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Vocera Badges allow our team to safely communicate under PPE during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Victoria Sudron, Service Improvement Coordinator at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Trust

Since implementing Vocera, we no longer have communication delays due to the ‘page and wait’ scenario.

Nick Roper, Clinical Director at North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Trust
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