Vocera Platform Integration with Electronic Health Records

Solution Briefs

Improve Care Coordination by Extending the Power of the EHR

The rush to embrace Meaningful Use has achieved its primary goal by creating an abundance of structured digital data. Electronic health records (EHRs) serve the role of comprehensive structured data repository, but they lack the functionality to make critical and time-sensitive elements of that data actionable.

Care team members bear the burden of trying to use this data repository as a productivity tool. In a fast-paced ED, a nurse must repeatedly log into the EHR every 3-4 minutes just to see if any STAT orders have been released. Similarly, environmental services, transport, and other ancillary staff must document regular updates in the EHR. To do so, they need to locate a workstation, log in, navigate to the appropriate area, and document their status. Team members, busy enough already, may skip these important steps.

By recognizing these significant strengths and gaps of the EHR, we can design solutions that address core functional issues, proactively deliver notifications to the right care team member at the right time, and make it easier for caregivers to access and update the EHR on the go.

Transform the EHR to Enable Dynamic Clinical Workflows and Better Communication

The Vocera® Platform allows advanced integration with the EHR. This transforms the EHR from a repository of records to a source of easily accessible information that can enable dynamic clinical workflows and effective communication in near-real time.
A caregiver can use a communication device best suited to their role including a smartphone, wearable Vocera Badge, tablet, or web console to:
• Receive proactive notifications directly from the EHR including:
»» STAT orders and critical test results
»» Consult, transport, and housekeeping requests
»» Admission, discharge, and transfer orders
• Receive intelligent reminders for essential tasks such as checking a patient’s pain score as a follow-up to administering pain medication.
• Update the status of key events in the EHR, providing real-time updates for environmental services, transport, and other staff to manage patient flow.
• Call or securely text a care team member from within mobile EHR applications. (Select a care team member’s name from the EHR app, use Vocera Collaboration Suite, and easily return to the EHR app.)

Part of a Comprehensive Platform for Clinical Communication and Workflow

Vocera Platform integration with the EHR works in concert with elements of the Vocera Platform, including:
• Care Team Sync: This platform component creates a unified, real-time view of a patient’s care team by combining data from the EHR with staff assignments in the Vocera system as well as other systems. This assignment awareness is the basis for delivery of critical events, alarm notifications, and communications.
• Vocera Badge: This wearable device lets users communicate instantly hands-free by pressing a button and saying the name of a person, role, or group
• Vocera Collaboration Suite: This smartphone app presents aggregated, prioritized information from multiple systems to provide real-time situational awareness (Figure 1) while allowing instant real-time communication by voice or text across the enterprise.
• Vocera Alarm Management: This platform component allows prioritization, filtering, and delivery of actionable patient event notifications.

Alerts with Real-Time Situational Awareness

Data is pulled from multiple sources to present complete information in the Vocera Collaboration Suite mobile app, allowing it to be shared among appropriate care team members.

Vocera technology has bridged our communication gaps – allowing instant hands-free voice calls, improving patient care coordination, and enhancing staff and patient safety by reducing response times.

Norman Bowman, Clinical Ward Administrator at Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust

The Vocera numbers speak for themselves, and they show this technology can dramatically reduce the time it takes to connect with a colleague and get a response. That has a real impact on the care we provide.

Adrian Plunkett, Paediatric Intensivist Consultant at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Vocera Badges allow our team to safely communicate under PPE during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Victoria Sudron, Service Improvement Coordinator at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Trust

Since implementing Vocera, we no longer have communication delays due to the ‘page and wait’ scenario.

Nick Roper, Clinical Director at North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Trust
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