Clinical Communication Software

Voice, Secure Text, and Integrated Alerts with Patient, Caregiver, and Event Context

Whatever you need to do this instant, Vocera clinical communication software puts the power at your fingertips, inside or outside the hospital. Securely obtain, clarify, or change an order. Report a change in patient status. View critical test results. Instantly collaborate by secure text or voice call. Our enterprise-grade software puts clinical system interoperability, automatic call and text routing, and situational awareness at your fingertips.

Collaboration Suite
Recognize and respond to a change in a patient’s status and collaborate with the entire care team quickly. View waveforms and vital signs from anywhere. Send and receive messages tagged with patient data and care team information. Seamlessly access calling and secure texting from within mobile EHR apps. And much more.

Secure Texting
Enable secure texting with basic voice calling that is compliant with the Data Protection Act inside or outside the hospital using this easy-to-use alternative to SMS. Secure texting software runs on iPhones, Android devices, and popular browsers.

Engage Mobile
Help speed response times with secure text messaging integrated with clinical alarms and alerts, and relevant information about the patient, care team (including location and availability), and event. The Vocera Engage Mobile app runs on Android and iOS devices.


HBI Report: Integrated Communication Strategy Critical to Care Coordination

The Ponemon Institute reports that healthcare professionals waste an estimated 45 minutes per day due to communication challenges - that translates to an estimated $5.1 billion dollars annually wasted in healthcare.

Vocera Secure Texting

Vocera Secure Texting

With Vocera Secure Texting, physicians can connect across sites efficiently, making it easy to collaborate with a patient’s extended care team, whether inside or outside the hospital.

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