Improve Patient Safety with Vocera Vina

Optimize patient safety by helping clinicians to make decisions in real time. The Vocera Vina smartphone app lets you see the most important communications first in an intuitive, customizable experience.

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Improve Patient Safety: Doctors

Easily triage the importance of incoming communication and form a meaningful picture of a situation quickly. See the most important communications first. Easily access context about a patient and event to inform diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Improve Patient Safety: Nurses

Nurses receive automatic alerts in real time when a patient’s status declines or when a patient is at risk for sepsis. Communicate with other care team members instantly. Reduce disruptions during medication administration and other critical hospital procedures.


David Augsburger

Director of Clinical Informatics
at Major Health Partn

Vocera Vina has the essential functionality needed to move all our clinicians to one platform for all clinical communication and collaboration, which will help them connect with the right people, make informed decisions, prioritize actions, and respond rapidly to emerging situations.

Communication for Patient Safety

Triage Incoming Communication Quickly

See relevant contextual information with notifications, messages, and phone calls.

See the Whole Conversation in One Thread

See the full history of communication pertaining to a patient or event linked within a single conversational thread.

Find and Call People Quickly

Easily access anyone across your health system and call by saying their name, role, or group.

Drive Accountability

Get an audit trail for messages by enabling a sender to request acknowledgement of receipt.

Allow Uninterrupted Focus

Divert calls into voicemail or allow automatic escalation of incoming calls and alert notifications.

Access the Power of the Platform

The Vocera Platform is the intelligent ecosystem that connects all the people and information needed to deliver patient care.

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Smartphone Strategy


Whether you’re using smartphones in a BYOD, shared use, or personal use model, or need specific team members to communicate and collaborate hands-free, we have a solution to suit your strategy.

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How Vocera Supports Patient and Staff Safety

Patient Safety Is Priority One


Healing is the hospital’s mission. Patient safety is priority one. Read how mobile care teams can help ensure patient safety at every turn with help from Vocera.

The Foundation of Patient-Centered Care

Discover how to keep the care team safe while providing the highest quality patient centered care.

Instant Communication for Patient Safety

At Halifax Health, a communication process that took 30 to 45 minutes became almost instant.

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Smartphones: Understand How Patient Safety Comes First


Rhonda Collins, DNP, RN, FAAN
Chief Nursing Officer

Dave Lively
VP of Product Management

Discover Vocera Vina

Follow a charge nurse who always sees what needs to be done next, as she communicates with the clinical team. Patient safety is prioritized because communications are prioritized and event-driven.

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Complimentary Clinical Assessment

Interested in understanding how to communicate more efficiently, and improve outcomes?

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