“Best Overall Patient Engagement Solution” 2018 Medtech Breakthrough Award Winner

Round on patients and staff with this iPad-based tool designed in alignment with your workflows and goals.

  • Patient experience and safety rounding: Address service issues proactively and responsively. Prioritize patients for rounding based on fall or infection risk factors.
  • Staff engagement rounding: Round on staff to coach on behaviors that affect quality and safety.
  • Operational quality rounding: Monitor compliance with operational requirements, track environment-of-care issues, and support supervision of the general safety of the facility.

Medtech Breakthrough Award 2018 Winner: Best Overall Patient Engagement Solution

medtech breakthrough award 2018

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Chief Experience Innovation Officer Sue Murphy and her team share how they enable an exceptional care experience as they engage, empower, and recognize staff.

University of Chicago Medicine Improves Patient Satisfaction and Employee Engagement

With Vocera Rounds, we have the opportunity to make a real impact on the patient experience while they are still here in the hospital and also ensure we are making the right interventions.

Elizabeth Pastrano, Patient Experience Coordinator at Guadalupe Regional Medical Center

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Take Rounding to the Next Level to Improve Patient Engagement, Outcomes, and Loyalty

Nurse rounding, when done effectively, has proven to benefit patient safety and engagement, build employee teamwork, foster effective communications, and improve medical outcomes. Learn how to hardwire a meaningful rounding strategy at your organization.

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Take Rounding to the Next Level to Improve Patient Satisfaction, Outcomes and Loyalty
Key Features
Improve Workflows

Patient Experience Rounding

Address patient needs in a timely manner by sending service requests in real time. Track a patient’s experience from prior units and from other facilities in your health system, and track trends in patients’ perception of care to identify opportunities for staff recognition.

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Staff Engagement Rounding

Gain insight to inform environment-of-care issue remediation; provide protocols for staff coaching in areas such as process improvement or hand hygiene, and for expressing gratitude, ensuring staff feel safe, and more. Use custom filters to identify staff with high risk for dissatisfaction or need for intervention, to prioritize them for staff rounding.

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Address Patient Needs in Real-Time

Operational Quality Rounding

Monitor compliance with operational requirements; for example, fire safety. Track environment-of-care issues and gain insights needed for remediation. Support supervision of the general safety of the facility.

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Automated Sentiment Analysis to Support Data-Driven Transformation

Screen rounding comments for positive, negative, neutral, or mixed sentiment in order to identify trends in patient perception of care in near-real time, using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Custom Filters

View patients and staff by category to prioritize them for rounding intervention.

  • Proactively identify and stratify patients with dissatisfaction risk or by category, such as those who have been in the ED for a certain length of time or who’ve had a specific procedure.
  • Proactively identify and stratify staff with dissatisfaction risk, such as those who have been employed for a certain number of days.
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We have built a trusted relationship with the customer service team at Vocera, and that partnership has helped elevate the success of our mobile rounding strategy and the patient experience

Sue Murphy, RN, BSN, MS, Chief Experience Officer at University of Chicago Medicine.

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