Help Reduce Clinician Interruptions and Optimize Workflows Using Communication Usage Data

Get the consolidated, holistic insight you need to more effectively optimize communication workflows, reduce clinician interruptions, identify root causes of sentinel events, and achieve clinical imperatives for improving patient care.

Vocera Analytics, a core feature of the Vocera platform, is a monitoring and diagnostic tool that provides visibility to all traffic that goes through the Vocera platform. It can help you optimize usage and adoption of Vocera technology, demonstrate ROI, and proactively identify infrastructure issues. 


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Key Features: Vocera Alarm Management

Key Features of Analytics

  • Reduce clinician interruptions: Identify the frequency and sources of interruptions from phone calls, broadcasts, texts, notifications, alarms, and alerts.
  • More effectively manage clinical communication workflows and processes: Pinpoint issues or gaps in call flows and workflows to identify areas that need to be adjusted. Identify delays in response to alerts, alarms, and code calls and optimize escalation paths.
  • Identify root causes of sentinel events faster: See the full picture of interplaying factors in one place, rather than compiling information from multiple systems.
  • Proactively identify infrastructure issues: Spot potential software and hardware issues in near-real time.
  • Optimize usage and adoption of Vocera technology and help demonstrate ROI: Track usage trends for all Vocera software and traffic from clinical and operational systems integrated with the Vocera Platform.

Vocera Analytics Dashboards & Reports

Putting Alarm Fatigue in Context

Vocera Analytics Solution Brief

Why Is Everything Beeping?
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Get real-time situational awareness with critical patient information and immediately collaborate with care teams.

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