Instant communications site-wide

The Vocera portfolio of solutions allows workers in the commercial nuclear industry to instantly connect to the people and resources they need in order to complete tasks critical to plant safety and operating efficiently. Rely on Vocera to enhance workflow, enable staff to save time and steps, shorten refuel outages, and reduce the potential for radiation exposure.

Seamless Communication from Vocera Badge to Smartphone
Vocera Broadcast for Emergency Communications
Targeted One to One Communication with Vocera
Instant Messaging with Vocera

Deliver Operational Efficiencies

Vocera customers in the nuclear energy industry experience operational efficiencies due to the solution’s ability to offer secure, instant mobile communications site-wide, including field employees. The solution helps reduce time wasted trying to locate a specific person or broadcast to a group. Customers are able to operate efficiently even during outages to return to normal levels of output quickly and securely.

Improve Maintenance/Outage Coordination

Nuclear power plants incur additional costs and loss of revenue during planned and unplanned outages due to increased headcount to perform these critical functions and lack of output. With Vocera, nuclear energy customers are able to reduce outage time, exposure to radiation and overhead costs – in addition, customers are able to return to production more quickly, meaning they are able to return to generating revenue.

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