Increase A&E Department Throughput

More Efficient Urgent Care Patient Pathways

NHS England publishes data on the total number of Emergency Department (ED) attendances and subsequent Emergency Admissions. Their findings show an upward trend in activity has put additional strain on those staff that participate in the Urgent Care Pathway. This is important because NHS hospitals must meet the 95% compliance goal of admitting patients within 4 hours to ensure that their organisation will not incur financial penalties. Care team members that contribute to the Urgent Care Patient Pathways within and outside of an Acute setting use Vocera to connect with each other instantly which improves collaboration and patient flow, and ultimately helps to achieve the NHS 95% compliance goal for admitting a patient within 4 hours.

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Customer Spotlight: Sherwood Forest Hospital

In order to reduce costs, the healthcare professionals at Sherwood Forest Hospital have fully integrated Vocera, a wireless communication system, into their day-to-day care of patients.

Case Study: Emerus Emergency Hospitals

Emerus Emergency Hospitals use Vocera to help achieve maximum wait times of 15 minutes.

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