Healthcare Communication

Seamless Communication for Improved Patient Outcomes and Care Team Satisfaction

Communication breakdowns in healthcare are a top contributing factor in medical errors and profoundly impact care team satisfaction. In addition, it is estimated that a typical 500-bed hospital in the U.S. loses over $4 million due to communication errors and U.S. hospitals lose over $12 billion - annually.1

1University of Maryland, 2010

Communication Challenges in Healthcare

Understand why it is important to have a HIPAA-compliant communications strategy.

Communication Challenges in Healthcare
Communication Challenges in Healthcare

Improve Provider and Staff Communication

Vocera technology improves care team communication and collaboration, connecting people instantly by voice or secure text, without having to know phone numbers or even names.

Improve communication

Improve Patient Safety

Poor communication is the root cause of medical errors and adverse events. Vocera technology plays a vital role in reducing medical errors by connecting the right information to the right person, in the right place, at the right time, on the right device.

Improve Patient Safety

Improve Staff Safety

Workplace violence is an unfortunate but real issue for front-line healthcare workers. Vocera technology can connect staff members immediately to security personnel, identifying who needs help and where they are.

Improve Staff Safety

Improve Care Team Communication

HBI Report: Integrated Communication Strategy Critical To Care Coordination.

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