Effective Communication Solution in Healthcare

Our mission is to simplify and improve the lives of healthcare professionals and patients, while enabling hospitals to enhance quality of care and operational efficiency. In 2000, when the company was founded, we began to forever change the way care teams communicate.

Today, Vocera offers the leading platform for clinical communication and workflow. More than 2,300 facilities worldwide, including nearly 1,900 hospitals and healthcare facilities, have selected our solutions.

Instant Hands-Free

without disruption
to clinical workflow.

Patient, Care Team,
and Event Context

Start a
conversation. Tag a
conversation with
patient details.
Access patient data.


Pull data out of the
EHR and other
clinical and
operational systems.

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Solution Impact

  • Enable nurses, doctors, and other team members to connect and communicate instantly and directly in real time.
  • Call, securely text, and access information using the right device of choice for the role and task.
  • Connect to the right person with role-based routing of calls and texts.
  • Receive critical information at the point of care.
  • Send and receive calls and secure texts

  • Positively identify patients

  • Receive prioritized alarm and alert notifications

  • Access wavefroms and vital signs

  • Get background data

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Meet Patient Safety Goals

Help address The Joint Commission’s guidance by enabling better clinical communication and workflow through Vocera technology.

  • Enable data to be aggregated from electronic health records and other systems and pushed to the right caregiver.
  • Receive only actionable alarm and alert notifications.
  • Set reminders to evaluate pain and administer medications. Help prevent infection with antimicrobial technology.

Summon Help Quickly, Locate Staff Easily

  • In a moment of distress, reach nearby coworkers quickly by using voice commands to call by name, role, or group.
  • In an emergency, press the panic button on the Vocera Smartbadge to open a dedicated communication channel with security personnel.

Customer Case Studies

Care teams at Halifax Health receive an alert within 30 seconds of the care advisory system detecting sepsis risk.

Columbia County Health System reduced response time to nurse call buttons by 21.4 percent.

Emerus/Baptist Emergency Hospitals reduced response time for alert incidents by three to five minutes.

Recent Awards

Vocera has been named a Sharp Index Award winner.
The company earned a Sharp Index Award for its communication platform and was recognized as a
“Best Health Tech Company to Reduce Physician Burnout”