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Restoring Joy to the Practice of Medicine

Returning providers to purpose and restoring joy to the practice of medicine is a necessity in the current healthcare environment. Burnout, which is on the rise across the medical profession, impacts quality of care, patient and staff satisfaction, and clinical outcomes. Improvement can stem from organisational strategy and governance, operating model and infrastructure, culture, and technological innovation that is centred around the human experience of care delivery.

Whitepaper: The Journey to the Ideal Human Experience

How healthcare organizations drive sustainable improvement in patient, family, physician, and staff experience.

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Whitepaper: The Journey to the Ideal Human Experience

Birmingham Children’s Hospital Improve Critical Communications and Patient Care

Located in Birmingham’s historic center, the 361-bed hospital serves more than 90,000 patients annually, with 34 medical specialties, a staff of 3,700, and the United Kingdom’s largest and busiest single-site paediatric intensive care unit (PICU).

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Reduce Burnout and Improve Resilience

Restoring healthcare professionals to purpose rather than focusing only on productivity and staffing levels requires building doctor, nurse and staff resiliency, removing obstacles, and engaging all levels in creating an ideal healing environment.

Reduce Burnout and Improve Resiliency

Manage Alarm Fatigue

Thousands of alarms and alerts sound in a hospital every day that often don’t require immediate clinical intervention. As a result, care teams often suffer from alarm fatigue and become overwhelmed and immune to the sounds of alarms.

Manage Alarm Fatigue
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Humanizing Efficiency in Healthcare

To succeed in a highly competitive healthcare market, organizations need to align an experience-focused mission, strategy, and governance structure with humanized daily management approaches. This unification can drive continuous improvement across quality, safety, process efficiency, and experience while restoring physicians and staff to purpose.

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