Liz Boehm

Research Director, Experience Innovation Network, part of Vocera

Liz Boehm is director of research at Vocera. Her life’s work is to restore dignity and respect to the healthcare experience. She has an extensive healthcare background including 15 years as leader of global healthcare research at Forrester Research. Her work focused on patient and consumer behavior, delivery and payment system management, and the role of technology in helping to transform healthcare. This experience made her a national expert on experience transformation. Liz began her career by working as a Peace Corps volunteer in a health center in rural West Africa. Through professional and volunteer work in hospitals, she’s developed a profound respect for the dedication of the doctors, nurses, and staff who commit their lives to caring, as well as the courage of patients who survive and thrive as a result of their combined efforts. Liz holds a B.A. in women’s and gender studies from Amherst College.
Articles by Liz Boehm

The Intersection of Technology and Humanity

Technology is often positioned as the antithesis of humanity. Technology can’t feel, can’t think, and can’t acknowledge the nuances or emotions of the humans who interact with it. Technology is sometimes introduced to replace humans – as ATMs and self-service banking websites have obviated the…

Enhancing Care with Technology

Patient Partnership Is Central to Human-Centered Leadership

Enabling patient-centered care and fostering care team well-being are core values of Vocera and our Experience Innovation…

Transforming the Experience

Co-Architecting Healthcare Transformation: How Patients and Families Will Shape the Future of Caring

The team at the Experience Innovation Network, part of Vocera, spent the past few months talking with patients and families who have experience working with health systems to drive improvement. We also spoke with…

Transforming the Experience
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