System Interoperability and Alarm Management

Integrate Patient Information with Workflow to Deliver Better Patient Care

Integration with Clinical and Operational Systems

Provide caregivers with actionable information and prioritized alarm and event notifications in the right place at the right time as part of a single platform for clinical communication and workflow.

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Vocera Clinical System Integrations

Integration with Electronic Health Record Systems

The Vocera Platform allows advanced integration with the EHR. This transforms the EHR into a source of easily accessible information that can enable dynamic clinical workflows and effective communication in near-real time.

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Electronic Health Record Integrations

A Few of Our Integration Partners

Learn more about popular clinical and operational systems with which Vocera integrates.

Nurse call
Physiologic monitor
Physiologic monitor

It was frustrating for our nurses to be in the patient room with alarms constantly sounding on their phones.
Monique Lowery
Clinical Manager at
Sentara Princess Anne Hospital

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Receive automated alerts from the EHR as well as notifications about new orders, critical lab results, radiology findings, high-risk admissions, sepsis risk alerts, pain assessment reminders, patient consults, room cleaning, and patient transport. Learn more.


Integrate communications with systems like nurse call, lab, radiology, physiologic monitors, patient surveillance, fall prevention, bed alarms, patient flow, bed management, emergency communications, and building management. Learn more.


Leverage care team assignment information and event notifications across all systems and devices integrated with the Vocera Platform. The platform always knows who is in which role. Use voice commands to reach the right person or group. Learn more.

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Video Experiences

Help restore the human connection in these challenging times.

Don’t Risk Contamination for Communication.

Amid complexity and chaos, a trauma nurse misses a vital piece of information and a major mistake is set in motion.

You can now say "Hey Vocera" or "Ok Vocera" to wake up your Smartbadge.

One in four nurses has been assaulted. The touch of a button can reduce minutes to seconds and save lives.

Push the dedicated panic button to reach help instantly.

You can place a call by searching your directory or by summoning the Genie on your Vocera Vina app.

Clinical teams at South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust tell the story of how they deliver better and higher quality care.

Communicate hands-free while wearing personal protective equipment.

See how Vocera can help you improve staff efficiency while keeping residents and staff safe.

Jen stays connected and focused on patient care with the lightweight, wearable Minibadge.

The wearable Vocera Smartbadge and Minibadge are purpose-built for the patient care environment.