Unify Care Teams

Address Mandates for Safety and Efficiency

The frustration and inefficiency of siloed, fragmented communication are well understood by care teams: Communication dead ends. Page-and-wait toil. Alarm and interruption fatigue. Not knowing who is contacting you or why. It all puts patient safety at risk. A strategy for replacing pagers and siloed text messaging apps must address clinical communication in a holistic, consolidated way, making it easy for people to find each other and connect instantly inside or outside the hospital.

Unify Care Teams

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Unify Care Teams for Patient Safety

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Four-Part Strategy for Replacing Pagers

Optimize safety and quality by replacing pagers with a secure, flexible, holistic communication platform.

  1. Unify communication to unify care teams
  2. Support the transition to minimize risk
  3. Integrate and interoperate with systems and devices
  4. Communicate and share information easily

Take an Inside Look

Explore highlights from the HIMSS and UVA Webinar


Choose the Right Device for the Role

  • Vocera Smartbadge: Hands-free voice, text messaging, and alarm notifications with patient, event, and care team context
  • Vocera App for iPhone or Android Smartphone: Voice, text messages, and alarm notifications with patient, event, and care team context
  • Vocera Badge: Hands-free voice, receive basic text messages and alarm notifications

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