At Vocera we are passionate about what we do as a dedicated team making an impact each day for our customers
  • Lauren

    “I love working for Vocera, as a clinician I support healthcare providers so that they are empowered to provide excellent care for their patients. And I’m not alone either, I am surrounded and supported by a talented team equally as passionate about improving patient care and increasing staff satisfaction.”


    “I love my role at Vocera and knowing the devices I am working on can save people’s lives or someday mine. The product is not just something we want to sell. It is something that can make a difference in life or death situation so I want to make sure nothing will go wrong before the product is out of the door.”


    “Vocera gives us the rare chance to do creative work in a life-changing domain, breaking new ground and helping shape how healthcare is delivered. It’s amazing to witness the impact Vocera makes in the most intuitive, and intelligent way. Revolutionizing healthcare is not easy, We can succeed as we have the best people driven by a shared mission. It's a formidable force I'm proud to be part of.”

    Solutions & Strategy

    “I’ve worked in the Silicon Valley for over 15 years. During that time I’ve worked for a number of companies that stimulated my brain. Vocera is the first company I’ve worked for that stimulates my heart. I’ve seen first-hand how our solutions help save people’s lives. It feels great to know that I’m part of that.”

  • Nate

    “Though I’ve always wanted to be an engineer, I’ve also wanted to help others in critical need. When I got to Vocera, it wasn’t just the technical and professional growth that motivated me – it was the mentality that I can help others save lives! That makes me passionate about my career here. What’s amazing is that my team is just as passionate and hard working. We all work together to help each other grow. Passion, dedication, collaboration – I couldn’t think of a better place to work”


    “I couldn’t feel more grateful that technology has enabled the health care to be much more efficient. Being a part of the team that actually works on the “magic button” device, I couldn’t find any other job that has more profound impact than this.”


    “Vocera challenges me intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, which is a bonus for the “human” and the “engineer” in me. Vocera has never stayed stagnant, and hence has built and honed my software skills”

    Solutions & Strategy

    “Our team is an amazing group of smart, customer-focused, collaborative folks who work really hard and know how to have fun while doing it. We respect, challenge and bring out the best in each other – all with the common mission of serving our customers and improving health care. It's part of our special sauce as a company, and inspires and energizes me every day!”

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