Take care rounding to the next level to improve patient satisfaction, outcomes and loyalty

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Rounding, the process of visiting patients and families at the bedside, serves many functions within a healthcare organization and has several documented successes, including improved patient safety, enhanced patient experience, better medical outcomes and staff efficiencies. Existing rounding approaches, such as “the 4 Ps model” (checking on Pain, Position, Potty, and Possessions), have demonstrated improvements in these parameters. However, further refinements to rounding structures, including heightened attention to patient communication, engagement, and needs assessment — together with the integration of “caring rounding” into the clinical workflow — promise to take rounding to the next level. Such a step up in the sophistication of the rounding model should result in enhanced staff responsiveness, additional patient experience and outcome improvements, and ultimately to market differentiation, patient loyalty, and ensuing higher hospital profitability. Further enhancements incorporate newer information technology solutions that optimize rounding’s impact while ensuring system-wide performance and quality.

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