Reducing the High Cost of Poor or Insufficient Clinical Communication

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  • Inefficient communication among clinicians in U.S. hospitals is estimated to waste over $12 billion annually – wasting clinicians’ time while increasing length of stay. 1
  • One study indicated that a 500-bed hospital loses over $4 million annually due to communication inefficiencies. 2
  • The average cost of a fall with injury is $14,000. 3  Enabling the right nurse to communicate immediately and directly with the patient has been shown to help reduce injuries from falls by 60%. 4
  • Distraction has been shown to play a role in nearly 75 percent of medical errors. 5  . In 2011, Health Affairs estimated that measurable medical errors cost the U.S. over $17.1 billion in one year. 6

The pandemic has magnified the high costs of inefficient communication in a hospital setting.

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