Strengthen Human Centered Leadership



In this webinar we bring together deeply experienced executives who have effectively led large healthcare systems and teams with humanity at the center. These leaders will discuss the challenges and benefits of embracing human-centered leadership.


COVID-19 has caused unprecedented strain on healthcare team members and leaders. Abrupt changes in process, financial pressures, and fear for personal safety and the safety of patients and families is adding strain to a profession that already faced an epidemic of burnout.

This creates a new urgency for a leadership model that fosters well-being and humanity in healthcare.  While today’s uncertainty and chaos make it easy to abandon human-centered leadership principles, the cost of leadership that doesn’t explicitly support team members’ human and healing potential is exceedingly high.


Key Learnings:

  • How human-centered leadership supports healing from COVID-19’s impact
  • A model for conceptualizing human-centered leadership, including the notions of heartset, mindset, and skillset, key underpinnings of the approach
  • The correlation between a leader’s own self-care and the well-being of teams
  • How these C-suite leaders have applied human-centered leadership in their own unique ways, prior to and during the pandemic

Facilitated by: Liz Boehm, Executive Strategist, Human-Centered Research, The Experience Innovation Network

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