Smartphones Understand How Patient Safety Comes First



We follow the workflow of a charge nurse who always sees what needs to be done next, no matter how much is going on, as she communicates with the clinical team. Patient safety is prioritized because communications are prioritized and event-driven

The hospital environment is complex and constantly changing. Physicians strive to give focus to each patient in each moment so and most effectively make the decisions they are uniquely trained to make. Nurses need to have eyes and ears everywhere to know right away if a patient’s status declines. It’s critical to choose communication software that allows clinicians to make clinical decisions in real-time and communicate instantly.


Audience Take-Aways:

  • Learn how a physician or nurse can easily triage the importance of incoming communication to form a meaningful picture of a situation quickly.
  • Discover how to improve responsiveness to patient needs by allowing communication to intelligently bypass a busy caregiver and go to someone who’s available.
  • See how contextual information informs a clinician’s actions in real-time to deliver safer care.


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