Meeting Patient Safety Challenges of Today and Tomorrow



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Meeting Patient Safety Challenges
of Today and Tomorrow

on demand webinar

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Dr Bridget Duffy

Dr Bridget Duffy, M.D.,

Chief Medical Officer at Vocera

About On Demand Webinar

Discussion includes several pressing topics facing patient safety and quality professionals, including the risks and patient safety challenges involved in social issues (including implicit bias, access to care leading to health care disparities, caring for transgender patients), telehealth, and what healthcare facilities will look like after COVID-19 is finally under control.

Learn how hospitals can:

  • Quickly and intelligently transform data into actionable information
  • Communicate with the right person at the right time - even under PPE
  • Safeguard patients and staff

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About Dr. Duffy

Dr. Duffy was the country’s first CXO in healthcare, establishing that role at the Cleveland Clinic. She is considered the founder of the experience improvement movement and is a frequent speaker on redefining safety and protecting the physical and emotional well-being of nurses, doctors and other care team members.

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