IT Strategies to Improve Alarm Management and Safety


Protect Patients, Care Teams and COVID-19 Vaccines
IT Strategies to Improve Clinical Communication, Alarm Management and Safety
Dr. Benjamin Kanter, MD, FCCP, is the CMIO at Vocera, where he works closely with clinicians and engineers to co-design the next generation of real-time communication and collaboration solutions for hospitals and health systems. Prior to joining Vocera, Dr. Kanter worked as an industry consultant and thought leader with several innovative healthcare IT companies.

Healthcare organizations striving to improve patient care and safety must have an enterprise communication and collaboration (CC&C) platform to quickly transform data into actionable information and send it to the right person at the right time. Real-time health systems must also break down silos of healthcare IT while supporting clinician adoption and well-being.

Listen to learn how a CC&C platform and an intelligent alarm management strategy can:
  1. Improve operational efficiencies
  2. Simplify clinical workflow
  3. Improve patient experience
  4. Reduce cognitive overload among clinicians

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Accelerate Your RTHS Journey

Get a more
complete picture
of a patient’s
situation faster

45% improvement
in stroke treatment

Metro Health
University of

Reduce cognitive
overload for

Distraction has
been shown to
play a role in
nearly 75 percent
of medical errors

Help reduce the
spread of
infectious disease

National Nurses
United has counted
at least 900 deaths
related to COVID-19

Improve the
experience for
patients and

8% overall
improvement in
hospital rating

UChicago Medicine

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