How hospitals can use tech to protect staff from exhaustion and workplace violence in complex work environments


Nurse Resiliency

Rhonda Collins, DNP, RN, FAAN, Chief Nursing Officer, Vocera

Dr. Rhonda Collins has served as chief nursing officer at Vocera since January 2014. Dr. Collins is responsible for working with nursing leadership groups globally to increase their understanding of Vocera solutions, share clinical best practices, and to bring their specific requirements to our product and solutions teams.


Healthcare leaders are facing unprecedented staffing challenges, with role vacancies leaving gaps in the care process. We must find ways to use systems, technologies, and improved processes to ensure quality patient care. We must recognize that the burnout care teams are experiencing is a work-related injury and the environment is the mechanism that delivers the injury. And we must safeguard against workplace violence that has intensified over the course of the pandemic.

View Rhonda Collins, DNP, RN, FAAN, chief nursing officer at Vocera, as she discusses ways to reduce workflow burden by streamlining workflow, improving communication, and safeguarding against violence and infection risk.

Learn how healthcare leaders are:

  • Enabling more efficient communication and workflows by connecting everyone throughout a facility or across a health system on a common platform.
  • Building upon strategies such as de-escalation training and risk stratification by equipping mobile team members with a discreet way to summon help quickly and reliably.
  • Mitigating some common sources of frustration that may escalate to conflict or violence in healthcare environments such as long wait times and stressful noise and crowding.
  • Protecting staff from infection risk by equipping them to communicate safely and hands-free, even under restrictive personal protective equipment (PPE).


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