To help retain and support nurses, fix communication


white female nurse leader, wearing vocera badge working on medical floor


We asked more than 500 nurses to describe a recent communication experience and rate it according to the NASA Task Load Index (TLX), a tool that measures workers’ task load in high-intensity jobs. The survey results reveal a range of nurse communication challenges and show how nurses’ cognitive load, effort and frustration rise as communication complexity increases.


This webinar on-demand discusses the latest survey report from Vocera, now part of Stryker, shows how nurse leaders can use our NASA TLX survey data to build a case for change and prioritize efforts to:

  • Redefine the role of nurses in the clinical communication model  
  • Enable nurses to deliver care in a way that makes them feel safe  
  • Empower nurses as the center of a strong, efficient system of clinical collaboration  
  • And more 


photo of Lauren Bellon

Lauren Bellon, RN, BSN, Senior Clinical Executive, Vocera, now a part of Stryker

photo of Liz Boehm

Liz Boehm, Executive Strategist, Vocera, now a part of Stryker

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