Discover Why Real-time Health Systems are Critical to Patient Safety


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COVID-19 is highlighting how nurses, clinicians, and other care team members contend with infectious diseases on a daily basis - and the need to protect patients and healthcare workers.

But even communicating can increase contamination risks when dealing with such a highly infectious virus – mobile phones aren’t easy to use with PPE whilst pagers lack the privacy and security protocols needed in healthcare.

During this webinar, learn how hospitals can:

  • quickly and intelligently transform data into actionable information
  • communicate with the right person at the right time - even under PPE
  • safeguard patients and staff
  • maximise operational and clinical performance


Discover Why Real-time Health Systems are Critical to Patient Safety

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Ben Kanter, MD, will discuss the importance of building a real-time health system to improve patient care, safety, and care team well-being.

Dr. Kanter will outline what it takes to be a smart hospital and the solutions needed to simplify clinical workflows and safely streamline care.

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Ben Kanter, MD, FCCP | Chief Medical Information Officer at Vocera

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