Vocera Edge Mobile Application Webinar hosted by CHIME



Providers and frontline care teams increasingly expect health systems to empower them to do more with their mobile devices and mobile-first experiences. Communication functionality gaps in EHR systems have led health systems to adopt siloed voice and messaging point solutions. Unfortunately, solutions that aren’t integrated with the rest of a health system’s clinical ecosystem cause workflow fragmentation that impedes efficiency and effectiveness. Health systems are tasked with consolidating and standardizing around core EHR offerings while seeking complementary platforms that complete the care team communication experience.

Taking into account lessons learned in the global pandemic, this session seeks to explore the strategy, process, and key considerations when designing and implementation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define strategic considerations for designing and deploying a cloud-based mobile communications platform
  • How to approach provider and care team engagement planning
  • How to align your technology infrastructure to achieve desired outcomes



Si Luo, Vice President of Vocera Edge

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