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The hospital environment is complex and constantly changing.

Physicians strive to give concentrated focus to each patient in each moment so they can most effectively make the decisions they are uniquely trained to make. In between, they triage a stream of communication, determining which information is most important and the next action to take.

Nurses need to have eyes and ears everywhere. If a patient’s status declines, a nurse needs to know right away. Sometimes nurses need to focus uninterrupted, as when they’re administering medication or performing critical procedures. Often, they need to communicate in an instant with no time to wait or to waste.

Patient care happens second by second. That’s why patient safety depends on a communication system that is flexible and dynamic, with communication software that allows clinicians to make intervention decisions in real time and communicate instantly.

With the Vocera Vina smartphone app, you can see the most important communications first in an intuitive, customizable experience.

Real-time clinical decisions and instant communication

Vocera Vina is part of the Vocera Platform – the intelligent ecosystem that connects all
the people and information needed to deliver patient care. The Platform is what makes it possible to locate people quickly, collaborate productively, and reduce the noise, using the device that fits your workflow. It’s what allows meaningful, actionable information to flow between people and systems and be received when, where, and how it’s needed, to keep the patient at the center of care.

It’s a flexible and agile infrastructure that can route communications and notifications between people and systems exactly when and how it’s needed.

See the most important communications first with ranking by priority

The Vocera Platform’s Intelligent Workflow Engine routes communications and alert and alarm notifications, working in concert with the Dynamic Master Directory and your clinical and operational systems.

Delivery of prioritized notifications is enabled by interoperability with the clinical and operational systems you use and according to rules set by your organization. Rules are based on one or more configurable variables such as the patient’s condition and the recipient’s role, location, and availability.

Ranking within Vina is determined by whether a communication is an alert notification with urgent, high, or medium priority, a patient-related alert or conversation, a message that requires acknowledgment or has normal priority, or a message someone has read or responded to.

Easily triage the importance of incoming communication and form a meaningful picture of a situation quickly

Relevant contextual information such as demographics, vital signs, fall risk score, lab values, nurse-call information, and other data such as sepsis risk indicators can be attached to the profile of a patient who is the subject of a notification, message, or phone call.

The Vocera Platform is interoperable with the clinical and operational systems you use (140+). Intelligent middleware enhances patient safety by delivering secondary alarm notifications.
It also complies with all applicable regulatory requirements, including FDA 510(k) Class II clearance.

Find people quickly, even across a geographically dispersed organization

Access a unified directory encompassing your whole health system. Navigate intuitively or use voice commands to call by saying the name, role, or group of whom you want to reach from anywhere in the application. The Vocera Platform understands more than 100 voice commands.

Allow uninterrupted focus on critical patient-care activities

Divert calls into voicemail or allow incoming calls and alert notifications to automatically escalate to other people or groups. When a matter is truly urgent, a caller can break through Do Not Disturb. If the intended recipient of a communication or notification isn’t available, the Vocera Platform knows who the next person is in the escalation path.

See the full history of calls, messages, alerts, and alarms pertaining to a patient or event, linked within a single conversational thread

Offload the need to retrieve, retain, and record information. Strengthen the integrity of the information chain.

Drive accountability and responsibility with an audit trail for messages

Enable a sender to request that a recipient acknowledge receipt. One tap says, “Got it” and the communication loop is closed.

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