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Proactively Manage the Human Experience, Patient Safety, and Operational Quality

Vocera® Care Experience helps improve the patient and staff experience, regulatory compliance, and quality of care by engaging patients in a data-driven, systematic way across the care continuum from pre-arrival through post-discharge.
Vocera Care Experience is a set of cloud-based applications that is an integral part of the Vocera Platform for clinical communication and workflow, coupled with deep consultative expertise in designing, implementing, and managing patient experience solutions. It includes the following modules:

• Pre-arrival
• Rounds
• Care Inform
• Care Calls
• Business Intelligence


In a single year at one 235-bed hospital, 6.7% of scheduled elective outpatient surgeries were cancelled, costing the hospital nearly $1 million. Pre-operative clinic visits were identified as one possible solution to this problem,but these can be a resource-intensive and highly manual answer.
With the Pre-Arrival solution, patients and family members at the hospital now receive automatic message notifications prior to admittance that provide critical information such as preparation steps, dietary restrictions, drug interactions, checklists, logistical information, and other reminders:

• Patients and family members can access educational materials around the clock prior to scheduled procedures.

• Health system staff can monitor patient engagement and comprehension to help the preadmission team gauge preparedness.

• The software provides an at-a-glance view to the pre-admission team if the patient is at risk for cancellation and captures and analyzes cancellation rates and causes.


Purposeful and timely rounding is a best practice. In one hospital, instituting this intervention led to a 50% decrease in patient falls, and increases in scores for perception of nurse communication and pain management by 5% and 11% respectively.In another study of over 120,000 patients from more than 100 organizations, patients who experience hourly rounds during their inpatient stay were 27% more likely to give a “top box” score for likelihood to recommend.3 Finally, multiple studies have shown leader rounds to be beneficial not only to the patient experience but also to clinical and operational results, including one emergency department in which leader rounds were associated with patient satisfaction gains from the 16th to 78th percentile after five months.

The Rounds solution supports rounds on patients and staff in a manner aligned with workflows and goals. The solution can be tailored to support a wide variety of aims including patient experience and safety, staff engagement, and operational quality:

• Patient Experience and Safety Rounding

 » Staff can address patient needs in a timely manner by sending service requests in real time and use custom filters to stratify and prioritize patients according to various factors ranging from low satisfaction to round status, location, and diagnosis.

 » Leaders can track a patient’s experience from prior units and from other facilities in your health system, and track trends in patients’ perception of care to identify opportunities for staff recognition.

• Staff Engagement Rounding:

 » Provide protocols for staff coaching in diverse areas including hand hygiene, expressing gratitude, ensuring staff feel safe, and more.

 » Use custom filters to identify staff with high risk for dissatisfaction or need for intervention, to prioritize them for staff rounding.

• Operational Quality Rounding:

 » Monitor compliance with operational requirements; for example, fire safety. Track environment-of-care issues and gain insights needed for remediation. Support supervision of the general safety of the facility.

Care Inform

Patients who understand their post-hospital care instructions are 30% less likely to be readmitted to the hospital.

The Care Inform solution helps improve the patient’s understanding of their care plan, enhance the patient’s experience while in the hospital, and lessen the likelihood of readmission.

Care Inform enables care teams to communicate with patients and families:

• Securely captured pictures, videos, and educational materials can be shared with patients and their families over a platform designed to help you comply with HIPAA requirements. For example, nurses can record a range of helpful content such as a video of a complex wound dressing change or an audio recording of discharge instructions. A surgeon might record advice about which post-surgery symptoms merit a call to the physician’s office, or a dietitian could describe specialized dietary restrictions with compliant meal suggestions.

• Send appointment reminders, tasks, and care messages.

• Monitor a patient’s engagement with instructions to get insight to help improve their care plan compliance.

• Notify patients and families on their mobile devices when a message is available in Care Inform without requiring them to download an app. For example, inform a spouse when a loved one has left the operating room by texting or emailing a notification directing them to log in to Care Inform.

Care Calls

Following up with patients by phone after hospital discharge helps reduce 30-day readmissions by over 20%.

The Care Calls solution lets you monitor patient and family understanding of and compliance with the care plan using best-practice checklists and call scripts to improve patient safety:

• Streamline patient follow-up calls and manage caregiver workflows to avoid redundancies in patient outreach.

• Inform post-discharge outreach by referencing comments in the Vocera Care Experience solutions Rounds and Care Inform.

Business Intelligence

Conduct longitudinal analysis of a patient’s experience throughout a service period including prior stays and across different facilities within a system:

• Health systems can identify gaps and improve outcomes in managing the experience and quality of care per patient, by department, enterprise-wide, and across the care continuum through multi-dimensional analytics including near real-time data analysis and trends.

• Review activity within the Vocera Care Experience solutions Pre-Arrival, Rounds, Care Inform, and Care Calls in intuitive dashboards.

• Drill down to patient-level details to analyze the root causes of readmissions, patient dissatisfaction, and lost revenue.

• Drive accountability and transparency with automated reports that deliver data to key stakeholders.

• View trends and see areas in need of attention in near-real time through sentiment analysis, also known as opinion mining, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Seamless Integration with Vocera Collaboration Suite and the Vocera Badge

Send service recovery notifications to end-user devices on the Vocera Platform including the Vocera Smartbadge, Vocera Badge, smartphones running Vocera mobile software, and desktop consoles to enable issues to be addressed promptly. Monitor request-fulfillment status with a closed-loop system. Support follow-up at the next interaction with request records retained in the patient file. Access the Vocera Care Experience solution Care Inform from the Vocera Collaboration Suite mobile app to communicate with patients and families.

Customer Success Services for the Life of Your Solution

Our team offers deep consultative expertise in designing, implementing, and managing patient experience solutions. A Care Experience expert works with you to establish a strategic and operational plan for managing the overall patient and staff experience and provides day-to-day project management and guidance on using data-driven insights to transform your interactions with patients, families, and staff.

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