Unify Communication To Unify Care Teams


Digital Transformation


Alan Oktay, Director, Communications and Infrastructure
University of Virginia Health System

Benjamin Kanter, MD, FCCP, Chief Medical Information Officer, Vocera


The frustration and inefficiency of siloed, fragmented communication are well understood by care teams: Communication dead ends. Page-and-wait toil. Alarm and interruption fatigue. Not knowing who is contacting you or why.

Tune in to this webinar to hear how the University of Virginia Health System (UVA Health) is deploying an enterprise communication solution to replace their alphanumeric pager system, which is limited to sending one-way messages.

Learn how your organization can:

  1. Eliminate communication silos caused by physicians, nurses, and other staff using different technologies to communicate
  2. Replace pagers and disparate communication methods with one communication platform
  3. Allow call center messages to be delivered directly to care team members’ device of choice

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Instant Hands-Free

without disruption
to clinical workflow.

Patient, Care Team,
and Event Context

Start a
conversation. Tag a
conversation with
patient details.
Access patient data.


Pull data out of the
EHR and other
clinical and
operational systems.

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