Spectralink Versity Smartphone

Solution Briefs

New treatments, technologies, and data sources are redefining how healthcare is delivered. Clinicians are required to communicate, collaborate, and securely access sensitive data while providing exceptional patient care in an increasingly mobile environment. Finding the right communication solution that can do it all has been difficult, if not impossible. Now, with Vocera® mobile applications running on the Spectralink Versity smartphone, your staff can access the data, teams, and tools they need to optimize communication workflows and patient safety.

Versity Smartphone Series

Versity enterprise smartphones are redefining enterprise mobility. With the look and feel of your favorite personal phone and all the functionality of an enterprise-grade device, it’s an ideal complement to the Vocera mobile apps. Together these solutions offer unmatched durability, streamlined workflows and 24×7 communications for your staff.

Spectralink Versity 92 Series

• A mid-tier enterprise-grade smartphone solution ideal for non-clinical staff like transport, facilities management, food services, and other mobile shift workers.

• Open, Android platform.

• Proprietary Voice Quality Optimization (VQO™) technology ensures crystal clear communication and superior voice quality while roaming, with echo and noise cancellation.

• Only 0.5 inch (13 mm) thick, the Versity 92 Series is compact, and ultraportable.

• A 4.0 inch 800x480 display with narrow form factor for easy grip and one hand use.

• Durable design — water and dust resistant. • Replaceable battery that can be separately charged

Spectralink Versity 95

• A premium enterprise-grade smartphone solution customized for clinicians like nurses, physicians, and pharmacy.

• Open, Android platform. • Proprietary Voice Quality Optimization (VQO™) technology ensures crystal clear communication and superior voice quality while roaming, with echo and noise cancellation.

• Only 0.48 inch (12.2 mm) thick, the sleekest, lightest enterprise smartphone on the market.

• A 5.2 inch 1080x1920 display for optimal user experience when working with data heavy mobile applications.

• Ultra-durable design to resist dust, shock, and liquid agents.

• True hot swappable battery enables zero downtime, even while the phone is in use.

Vocera Mobile Applications

Combining the Versity with Vocera smartphone applications enables care team members to have patient and care team information at their fingertips, conduct patient centric conversations, view and respond to alerts and alarms with patient context, and quickly reach care team members when communication needs to happen in real time.

Vocera Vina

The Vocera Vina mobile app serves you prioritized, patient-related conversations and alert notifications in an intuitive, customizable experience. Send and receive calls, messages, alerts, and alarms with patient, care team, and event context. Find on-call providers fast. Vina provides simple, intuitive, secure communication inside or outside the hospital. Enable clinicians and staff to summon help instantly in an emergency with a dedicated panic button.

Vocera Collaboration Suite

The Vocera Collaboration Suite mobile app enables real-time situational awareness, provides actionable patient data to inform clinical decisions, and allows care team members to easily communicate and collaborate.

Vocera Ease

Vocera Ease creates a richer, more human connection for patients and their loved ones before, during, and after care. Keep loved ones informed and help reduce anxiety with secure, HIPAA compliant messages using unlimited multi-lingual templates, photos, videos, and two-way video conferencing.

Spectralink with Vocera: Partnership to Deliver a Seamless Experience

When you work with Vocera, you enjoy single-vendor continuity across your communication solution. We expand on that value as a Spectralink Engage Channel Partner and an Application, Integration and Management Solutions (AIMS) partner. Vocera works closely with Spectralink on product design, technical validation, and interoperability. Coordinated deployment, implementation, and technical support including timely software and security updates allow for a seamless experience for hospital IT teams and care teams.

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