Vocera Smartbadge

Solution Briefs

Complexity begs simplicity.

The pace, complexity, and unpredictability of the hospital environment cause care team members to multitask and reprioritize constantly. Care teams need to field multiple interruptions and shifting variables in real time while still delivering the best possible patient care. They need tools that help them to identify priorities, access information, and communicate effectively – yet allow them to keep both hands free so they can communicate and access and share information without interrupting patient care. It’s often impractical and inefficient for clinicians to manage a smartphone when providing hands-on patient care.

Imagine neonatologists and nurses caring for sick babies in a closed unit: Both hands are engaged with tiny patients and infection control is paramount. The need to communicate across obstructed lines of sight means stopping to use
a phone and then washing their hands – yet again – before care can continue. Now imagine a hundred such moments for those nurses and doctors, every day.

It’s time to change the conversation.

Meet the Vocera Smartbadge.

Designed to enable clinician agility and accelerate patient care, the Vocera® Smartbadge is an entirely new approach to patient-centered healthcare communication. Leveraging our nearly two-decade track record of responding to the challenges hospital clinicians face every day, the Smartbadge redefines and revolutionizes the way care teams connect, collaborate, and act.

Situational awareness. In sync.

The Smartbadge is powered by the Vocera Platform, which enables data to be aggregated from most clinical and operational systems used in hospitals today. The Smartbadge allows patient information from those systems to be presented in parallel with notifications to enable real-time situational awareness and help reduce interruption fatigue.

Bring the care team in. Even when they’re out.

Just say a name, a role, or a group name to connect instantly with care team members inside or outside the hospital. There’s no need to remember phone numbers or keep track of who’s on call. The Smartbadge responds to more than 100 voice commands through an optimized speech-recognition engine.

You can send broadcast messages easily to rapid response groups, such as code blue and sepsis-response teams. A dedicated panic button allows you to summon help instantly.

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