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The increased focus on population health has magnified the need for hospitals to enable realtime communication between doctors, nurses, and other care team members, both inside and outside the hospital. Communication and care coordination challenges across different healthcare settings result in inefficient care which can have a negative impact on patient safety experience, and staff satisfaction. Joint Commission studies have indicated that roughly 70 percent of accidental deaths and serious injuries in hospitals are linked to communication failures. According to a study by the University of Maryland, $12 Billion is wasted annually as a result of communications inefficiencies. To successfully improve care team communication and collaboration it is vital to provide solutions that are easy to use, HIPAA-compliant, and integrate seamlessly with other clinical systems.

In the healthcare environment, users need a platform that supports multiple forms of communication because no one mode of communication meets everyone’s needs at all times. “Real-time communications such as voice are often required for higher acuity patients whose conditions are actively deteriorating or have become life threatening. Asynchronous communications including text messaging are often used for lower acuity patients where there is less time urgency required for a response. This type of communication is less disruptive to care team members who may be gloved, gowned, and involved in a clinical procedure or treatment.”1 Vocera offers an enterprise class platform and integrated communications solutions that enable healthcare workers to securely and instantly connect with the right person or group, with the right information, when and how they need. Vocera® Secure Texting and Vocera Collaboration Suite connect providers with relevant care team members at any point on the patient’s journey.

Challenge: Connecting All Care Team Members in a HIPAA-compliant Manner

The rise in ACOs and “pay-for-performance” is driving an expansion of the care footprint, requiring hospitals to find secure and convenient ways to connect the care team and provide more efficient and responsive patient care. Today clinical personnel rely on unsecure SMS or commercial non-HIPAA compliant messaging applications on their personal smartphones to fill this gap in communication. This increases the risk of exposure to heavy penalties for PHI and HIPAA violations. In fact, in a study by Spyglass Consulting, it was found that 92% of physicians use unsecure SMS texting to discuss patient information.

Vocera Secure Texting

Solution: Vocera Secure Texting enables a secure, easy to use, HIPAA-compliant alternative to SMS that leverages the Vocera platform to allow secure texting and voice communication between physicians and care teams. It uses Vocera’s synchronized clinical directory, powerful call routing, and workflow capabilities to enable physicians to securely communicate with the extended care team, empowering hospitals to manage and improve overall patient experience and help reduce costs.

Users: Vocera Secure Texting was designed for physicians and support staff who operate in independent practices that may be associated with one or more hospitals or healthcare facilities, but are not based in the acute-care facility. Physicians need to be able to securely text and call multiple hospital care team members while having access to personnel in one or more acute care facilities.

Vocera Collaboration Suite

Solution: The Vocera Collaboration Suite provides a seamless user experience, combining high quality voice, HIPAA-compliant enterprise messaging, clinical integrations, and alerting into one secure and easy-to-use smartphone application. Instantly connecting teams inside and outside the hospital, Vocera Collaboration Suite improves patient safety, staff productivity, and satisfaction. Vocera offers a choice of end user devices to ensure the continuous flow of critical communications. For employees who rely on smartphones or enterprise communications devices, Vocera Collaboration Suite offers the convenience of voice technology with the security to text critical data. It also extends workflows by providing a host of clinical integrations that provide a variety of alerts and alarms on the Vocera Collaboration Suite client.

Users: Vocera Collaboration Suite was designed for hospital-based providers and personnel. These users need access to secure messaging and voice communication workflows. Vocera Collaboration Suite provides the ability to access all users within the acute care facility’s directory, the Vocera clinical directory, and clinical data from integrations while inside or outside of the hospital.


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