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Patient care is dependent on a chain of data and information. It may be spoken or texted, or it may be exchanged with or among clinical or operational systems. Communication erodes and risk increases with every break or delay in this chain.

Doctors and nurses need to obtain and clarify orders, report changes in patient status, and get critical information to make treatment decisions. Because they are mobile, it can be a struggle to find each other and to get the information they need. They are interrupted by alarms and alerts – many duplicative or unnecessary – and by phone calls of which they can’t determine the urgency.

The Vocera Platform makes it easier for clinicians to deliver safe, efficient quality care.

Using solutions the platform enables, nurses, doctors, and other team members can connect and communicate instantly and directly inside and outside the hospital. They can call, securely text, and access information using the right device for the role and task, with no need to know names or phone numbers. Users can identify callers and a communication’s urgency at a glance. They can transition a text message to a voice call without skipping a beat, and receive critical information at the point of care without being bombarded by unnecessary alerts, alarms, and notifications.

Enabling Effective Communication and Collaboration

The Vocera Platform – the foundation of every Vocera solution – is what enables clinicians and staff to communicate and collaborate immediately, directly, intuitively, and effectively. It’s what enables the right person to receive the right information at the right time, and to know which information is most important. It’s what allows a more human experience for care teams, patients, and families.

At the heart of the platform is the dynamic master directory. It allows users to make calls and send texts by name, role, or group without needing to know phone numbers or who is on call. The master directory can synchronize staff assignments from a variety of systems that you may already use, including electronic health record (EHR) or nurse call systems, to provide a real-time view of patients and staff.

To help caregivers receive relevant patient information at the right time, the Vocera Platform can aggregate information from the majority of clinical and operational systems you use today, such as EHRs, physiologic monitors, and other medical devices – more than 120 in all.

Our built-in middleware and alert and alarm management solution, Vocera Engage, helps reduce interruption fatigue from unnecessary alerts and alarms. It can determine the best caregiver to receive alert and alarm notifications based on rules you help define. This workflow intelligence helps ensure that the right clinician receives only prioritized, actionable notifications accompanied by relevant context, while non-actionable notifications are filtered out.

Tailored for Your Organization

Scalable to fit your needs
No two organizations are alike, and Vocera provides you with the flexibility to scale from single departments to an entire integrated delivery network and communicate in the way that works best for your organization.

Customized for your organization
From initial implementation throughout your ongoing use of Vocera communication and workflow solutions, we support the unique needs of your organization and position you for long-term success with our professional and support services. Vocera employs more than 40 clinicians – part of the largest, most experienced professional services team in our industry – to work with your clinical team to assess your environment and design effective workflows. Our clinicians and technical professionals incorporate industry best practices and experience from hundreds of deployments.

Flexible with device of choice
Unlike communication offerings that limit users to a single communication feature on a single type of device such as a smartphone or IP phone, the Vocera Platform lets you standardize on an application while allowing clinicians and staff to communicate in a variety of ways using the device that is right for their role.

Backed by Defense Grade Security

More than 1,400 health care facilities worldwide have selected Vocera to enable care teams to communicate and collaborate more easily. The security credentials we’ve earned from the military and industry are unsurpassed. We have credentials from the U.S. Army, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Vocera solutions are deployed in more than 40 Veterans Affairs (VA) locations across the country and more than 20 DoD facilities around the world.

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Vocera empowers people in mission-critical environments to instantly connect via secure, mobile, integrated and intelligent communication solutions.

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