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Enhance patient safety by enabling filtering, routing, escalation and prioritization of alarm and event notifications that clinicians receive on their device of choice.

IT leaders need to reduce the number of vendors and applications IT must manage to support clinical communication and workflow. Piecing together multiple solutions to call, to text, and to access the EHR and other systems creates additional burden for everyone. Massive amounts of information are captured within clinical and operational systems, but the systems may not be integrated well, don’t talk to one another, or function poorly. Patients are put at risk when clinicians experience delays in receiving all the information they need to act.

A clinician’s workflow gets easier and patient care is safer when communication software brings together voice calling, secure messaging, and alarm notifications in a unified experience—regardless of the communication device.

Enhance Patient Safety and Improve Clinical Workflow

Vocera® Engage works behind the scenes inside the Vocera Platform to make it easy for care teams to prioritize and respond to alarm notifications, communicate, and deliver safer patient care. Our FDA 510(k) cleared middleware allows data from clinical and operational systems to be aggregated through our platform for delivery to clinicians on their device of choice. Engage allows clinicians to receive only the communications and alarm notifications they need, and allows important information to reach the right recipient. Engage middleware is also compatible with third-party messaging software.

The Engage intelligent workflow engine enables clinicians to:

• Stay focused on patient care: Help reduce clinician interruptions during critical patient care activities and procedures. Engage lets communications and notifications be routed, escalated, and prioritized. Delivery of communications and notifications is driven by rules set by your organization. The rules are based on one or more variables that you can configure; for example, the patient’s condition and the recipient’s role, location, and availability. Alarm notifications intended for a nurse who is on ‘do not disturb’ will be routed to the next right person—or people—depending on the rules that are configured.

Get a more complete picture of a patient’s situation faster to inform clinical decision making: Enable clinicians to receive patient, event, and care team context along with relevant information like lab values, nurse-call data, sepsis risk indicators, and more. They can collaborate productively with the care team using the same contextual information, reducing the likelihood of error.

Interoperability with the Clinical and Operational Systems You Use

The more systems you integrate with our platform, the more Engage can do to help clinicians stay focused. Our intelligent workflow engine enables all the people and information needed to deliver patient care to be connected, without the hospital needing to purchase and manage additional middleware. The Vocera Platform is interoperable with the clinical and operational systems you use (150+). If you have it, chances are we integrate with it: electronic health records (EHRs); nurse call systems; physiologic monitors; patient surveillance, fall prevention and bed alarms; patient flow and bed management systems— and more.

Continuity Across Your Solution with a Single Vendor

Unify workflow intelligence, interoperability, communication software and an array of end-user devices with a single vendor. Put an end to information siloes and vendor siloes with one platform that allows systems and devices to talk to one another. We provide everything you need, so you need only make one call when you have a question or need support.

Engage enables IT and hospitals to:

• Leverage care team assignment information and event notifications across all systems and devices integrated with the Vocera Platform. Care team assignment information is drawn from a variety of staff assignment systems, so that our platform knows at any given time who is in which role.

• Holistically manage the routing of alarm notifications and other communications. Eliminate the risk of alarm collision, which contributes to additional interruptions and burden for care teams receiving the notifications.

• Gain holistic, unified insight into event notifications when using analytics and reporting tools. There’s no need to piece together multiple data sources to assess the volume of notifications and how effectively they’re being managed. Identify opportunities to improve clinical workflow more easily.

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