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Enable care teams to easily communicate with the right on-call provider in real time by integrating systems for provider scheduling and clinical communication.

Clinical staff need to easily locate and communicate with on-call providers inside and outside the hospital when needed. Yet it can be a struggle to identify and reach the right person when accurate on-call schedules aren’t easily accessible.

The reason it’s so difficult is because in many hospitals, on-call provider schedules are manually generated. The medical staffing office must compile schedules from multiple departments, convert that centralized schedule to PDF, and post it on a server or in hard copy at unit stations. On-call schedules managed this way are hard to keep current, especially if providers swap shifts. Care team members often have to hunt for the schedule, and might end up contacting the wrong provider. The outcome is all too common: delays to patient care, and frustration for providers and other care team members.


Integrate On-Call Scheduling and Communication


Now there’s a way to make it easy for care teams to reach available on-call providers: consolidate on-call schedules into one system and integrate that system with your clinical communication platform. Bring together QGenda and Vocera® to unify your care teams.


QGenda On-Call: Simplify Management of Provider On-Call Schedules


QGenda® On-Call is a cloud-based, hosted application that provides a single source of truth for multiple on-call schedules.


With QGenda On-Call, you can easily create, manage, and update accurate on-call schedules. In fact, when a provider swaps or changes an on-call assignment, QGenda On-Call instantly reflects the change.


In addition to QGenda On-Call, QGenda offers a full complement of physician scheduling solutions. These solutions enable you to build and manage optimized provider schedules faster, improve payroll accuracy, and streamline processing of time punch and pay code information.



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