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Streamline Hotel Operations and Improve Safety by Enabling Direct, Instant, Hands-Free Communication

Luxury hotel staff have always needed to communicate effectively. Now, with several states and municipalities recently passing panic button legislation and others likely to follow, that need is more urgent than ever.

Vocera® offers communication solutions for hotels that want to deliver distinctive guest experiences while protecting employees. Hotels credit our solutions for helping them consistently earn high guest satisfaction scores and achieve #1 and #2 rankings in TripAdvisor.

Summon Help Instantly

Press the dedicated panic button on the Vocera Smartbadge or double-tap the Call button on the Vocera Badge to instantly reach security personnel. Responders can hear what’s happening on their way to reaching you, and can locate you even if you can’t say anything. On a smartphone, use the Vocera Vina app to send a secure text message to a responder group using a pre-defined emergency template or make a broadcast call using voice commands.

Connect Directly with Anyone, Anywhere

Place and receive calls and pages with people beyond the property and receive a direct call back. Vocera technology integrates with the public telephone network, so users of the Smartbadge, Badge and Vina app can call internal extensions and desk phones.

Choose the Right Device for the Role

Standardize on communication software while allowing staff to communicate in a variety of ways using the communication device that fits the way they need to work; the hands-free Smartbadge or Badge, iPhone or Android smartphone, or a desktop workstation. Only Vocera has end-user device flexibility for everyone.

The Vocera Smartbadge and Vocera Badge are lightweight, wearable devices that are ideal for staff members who need to communicate hands free. Both can also be used like a phone handset or with a headset for more privacy


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