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Solution Briefs

Luxury hotel staff have always needed to communicate effectively. Now, with several states and municipalities recently passing panic button legislation and others likely to follow, that need is more urgent than ever.

Hotels need to equip employees with a panic button that can be worn, carried, or otherwise easily accessed when they are working alone in a guest room.

Distinctive Guest Experiences and Staff Safety

Vocera® offers communication solutions for hotels that want to deliver distinctive guest experiences while protecting employees. Hotels credit our solutions for helping them consistently earn high guest satisfaction scores and achieve #1 and #2 rankings in TripAdvisor.

Summon Help Instantly – Panic Button Feature

The Vocera communication system includes a discreet, wearable, and hands-free communication device called the Vocera Badge. It lets your staff communicate directly and instantly inside or outside the hotel property. And in an emergency, it’s a panic button that’s
always with them.

A user can double-tap the call button on the Vocera Badge to open a channel with a special audio tone alerting appropriate staff to an urgent situation. Responders can hear what’s going on while on their way to the staff member in distress.

Locate Staff Easily – Locator Feature

Locate a staff member who’s wearing a Vocera Badge from any mobile device with the push of a button.

Choose the Right Device for the Role

Vocera communication software also runs on iOS® and Android™ smartphones. Equip each user with the appropriate device to meet the needs of their job.

Vocera Communication System

The Vocera Communication System starts with the Vocera Platform – an operating environment for a comprehensive set of systems, software, and communication devices. The platform contains system intelligence including user profiles, groups, and call management. It can interface to your existing telephony, property management, workflow tracking, and rapid-response software systems to enable expediting exchange of critical data.

Vocera technology scales to meet the demands of the largest hospitality organizations. It can be deployed as a single site solution, or centralized in a data center to support multisite installations.

Vocera Badge

The Vocera Badge is a lightweight, voice-controlled device that allows instant two-way or one-to-many conversations using simple voice commands. Hotel workers use it to respond to calls or texts without interrupting critical tasks or important interaction with guests. Users simply say the name, group, department, or role of the person they are trying to reach, to connect instantly. There’s no need to know a name, extension, or phone number. The Vocera Badge can be worn discreetly, with or without a headset. It weighs 1.9 oz. (53.9 g) and is built to withstand the rigors of a demanding workplace. It features an antenna and radio designed to provide wireless integrity while roaming across a hotel’s WiFi network. The high-contrast display is easy to read.

Vocera Collaboration Suite

Vocera Collaboration Suite is the hotel industry’s only intelligent voice and secure texting application supported for shared and personal iOS and Android devices that allows staff to call by name or function, or broadcast to a group. Secure and auditable delivery and response reports for alerts and chats help ensure accountability among staff members. Calling, secure text, and alerting decisions within the application are all based on real-time visibility to a user’s presence and availability on the system, assuring that the right users receive critical information at the right time.

A VIP Experience for All Guests

Because Vocera technology lets hotel staff stay connected at all times, guests can experience a level of service that is seamless, invisible – and extraordinary. For example, a doorman can discreetly announce a guest’s arrival via a group broadcast. This allows staff members in the lobby to greet the guest by name and all members of the hotel staff to prepare for the guest’s arrival.

The front desk agent can access registration information, see the assigned room, and check for notes in the registration about a special occasion the guest may be celebrating, events they’ve planned, or dinner reservations they’ve made. This allows a highly personalized and streamlined check-in process. When the guest and bellman make their way to the guest’s room, the bellman might notice that the guest requires a special service such as an ice bucket for a bottle of wine. The bellman can use the Vocera Badge to discreetly make the service request, often without the guest realizing it. Staff can then respond and deliver the ice bucket to the room before the guest and bellman even arrive. The guest is impressed by this anticipatory level of service, perceiving a remarkable experience after only a few minutes at the property.

Drive Workflow Efficiency

Vocera offers the only communication solution that lets staff answer calls completely hands-free. Housekeepers, engineers, bellmen, doormen, banquet staff, and others can stay on task even when answering a call. Our customers have estimated that hands-free direct calling with instant connection saves minutes per call and adds up to significant time savings across the entire staff over the course of a shift.

Vocera integrates with third-party software such as HotSOS and Guestware, which hotels use to track guest requests and other important workflow in hotel operations.
These applications send ticket information including guest room number and the request (such as towels, or an in-room repair) directly and instantly to the appropriate Vocera system user to respond to the issue. Because Vocera technology works over the existing WiFi network and uses a name-based login process, third-party applications instantly verify that users are available to work a ticket before it is even sent. This helps guarantee that tickets are worked and closed promptly, resulting in faster service and a better experience for the guest.

Flexible packaging and pricing

Custom purchasing programs are available to meet the diverse needs of the hospitality industry. From up-front investment options to monthly subscriptions that can easily fit into existing operating budgets, we work with each customer to design the best solution to meet current business needs. We also work with hospitality companies at the brand, management, and ownership level to design multi-site buying programs to help scale Vocera solutions affordably across multiple properties.

Why Vocera

More than 1,700 facilities around the world have selected Vocera solutions to enable staff to text securely using smartphones or make calls with our hands-free, wearable Vocera Badge. Our solutions make a difference in any industry where workers are on the move and need to connect instantly with team members and access resources or information quickly.
Vocera (NYSE: VCRA) is publicly traded with the resources and fortitude to help ensure your success with our solutions over the long term. In 2017, Vocera made the list of Forbes 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America. Learn more at, and follow @VoceraComm on Twitter.

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