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As a valued Vocera customer, we believe in providing you with world-class customer service to support your long-term success. Starting with your initial Vocera deployment and continuing throughout the life of your Vocera solution, Vocera provides a full suite of offerings including solution deployment services, customer support services, education services, and managed services.

Expert Consulting and Deployment


The Vocera professional services team delivers the solutions and skills to meet your deployment goals for long-term success. This team is dedicated to helping our customers achieve workflow efficiency, improve staff productivity, and accelerate time to deployment. Whether deploying a Vocera solution for the first time or expanding your current Vocera system, the Vocera professional services team has the tools, solutions, and guiding principles to ensure you achieve your goals.

Trusted Consultants

At the core of our services delivery process is an outstanding Vocera team with unbeatable qualifications and skills. Our certified project managers have a well-defined methodology based on years of deployments, ranging from Critical Access Hospitals to enterprise health systems, all around the world. 

Our clinical communication workflow design and integration consultation services are delivered by a team of 50+ nurses, bringing decades of combined clinical experience. Vocera implementation engineers bring decades of combined wireless expertise to ensure the system architecture and infrastructure supports each customer deployment.

Specialized Services

Our professional services team has deployed the Vocera system across numerous industries, including healthcare, education, retail, energy, and hospitality. Through their experience, the Vocera professional services team has developed the gold standard for successful deployments using the market-leading Vocera deployment methodology.

The Vocera deployment methodology is built on 20+ years of practice and thousands of deployments. It allows us to scale our deployments to clinics, small hospitals, enterprise deployments across large healthcare systems, and everything in between.  

Vocera provides integrated, intelligent communication solutions that align with an organization’s goals to improve communication, productivity, and outcomes. Key to a successful deployment of the Vocera system is identifying areas of improvement within the infrastructure and workflow of the environment. Our professional services team will orchestrate these interactive discovery sessions based on proven deployment strategies leveraged by more than 1,900 hospitals and health systems to date. Our team collaborates with a variety of partners to implement system integrations that complement and enhance the capabilities of your Vocera solution.

Enabling Future Success

Vocera offers robust activation services including training and go-live support. Comprehensive training offerings include on-site or remote instructor-led end-user training and train-the-trainer sessions. Computer-based training is also available. During go-live, our team offers additional on-unit support to coach trainers, super users, system administrators, and others how to effectively utilize Vocera in their environment.

Technical Support Services

Highly Skilled Team of Vocera Professionals

The Vocera technical support team includes technical support engineers and customer service specialists who are certified in case management best practices. Technical support engineers are certified in Vocera technologies, and many carry interoperating technology partner certifications. The Vocera technical support team leverages intelligent swarming, an industry best practice that ensures the staff with the correct skills are working your issues and requests to resolution quickly, thoroughly, with quality, and empathy all while partnering with your teams.

Our technical support team is continually creating and certifying staff on Vocera products and new technologies to best support our customers’ Vocera solutions.

Choosing the Right Support Services

Vocera customers have the option to select between two tiers of technical support and software maintenance – Standard or Premier. Both tiers provide a collaborative partnership with certified support staff who are committed to working with a sense of urgency to help our customers have a better day, so the technology disappears, and the human experience of patient care is at the forefront.

Vocera has support teams around the globe who can remotely support your challenges, including performing auto log and system data transfers and modify, test, and change control to existing alert workflows. Vocera technology certified specialists use intelligent swarming, combined with a solutions lab, log analyzers, and other tools to help resolve your case in a shorter amount of time. Vocera technical support also partners with market-leading technology vendors.

Technical Account Managers

Vocera Enterprise accounts with Premier Support Maintenance totaling $150,000 or greater are assigned a dedicated technical account manager (TAM) who proactively helps monitor your Vocera system. Vocera TAMs help customers leverage all the features of their Vocera system and provide enterprise solution best practices and guidance to quickly resolve challenges. 

Each TAM has at least eight years of experience in healthcare, application implementation, and project management. Their role is to facilitate adoption of your Vocera solution to expedite achieving value, allowing your organization to expand the value over time.

Affinity Program

All TAM-eligible accounts also are eligible to redeem benefits offered through the Vocera Affinity Program. This tiered program provides additional services and support to maximize your investment and are available until consumed throughout the year of your maintenance period. 

Benefits include classroom training, additional system health reports, designated support contacts, supervised remote upgrades, exclusive access to the Affinity Network, database review services, clinical engagement, and more.

Education Services

Vocera University Classroom Learning

In addition to training infused within implementation and deployment, Vocera offers live, instructor-led technical training hosted in person or remotely via web conference throughout the year.

Vocera University offers in-depth courses that are designed specifically for Vocera system administrators and IT professionals. Students receive an overview of Vocera, along with details on how to administer, maintain, and optimize the Vocera system for maximum results. Classroom sizes are kept small, so instructors can tailor content for attendees.

Vocera University Distance Learning

Customers can take advantage of distance learning as a cost-effective approach to training, while still receiving in depth education on Vocera solutions. Attend half-day, instructor-led distance learning courses via webcast on topics most requested by Vocera customers. Courses are highly interactive with hands-on labs and personalized instruction. More information available at

 Managed Services

System Administration

Either onsite or remote, Vocera offers dedicated system administrators as a resource to manage your Vocera system. Vocera system administrators bring not only technical expertise to your organization, but also strong customer service and presentation skills. As Vocera employees, Vocera system administrators have access to Vocera best practices so they can best support your organization’s Vocera deployment.

Solution Optimization

Vocera also offers a clinical trusted advisor who is dedicated to improving customers’ clinical communication workflows and helping organizations realize the full value of their investment.

Your clinical trusted advisor partners with you after your Vocera implementation to define the key performance indicators and clinical outcomes that are important to your organization. Vocera clinical trusted advisors are registered nurses with years of bedside experience and are skilled in interacting with healthcare executives and frontline healthcare workers.

Remote Software Upgrades

Customized upgrade planning and execution services are delivered by a dedicated team of client services engineers who will provide assurance and troubleshoot any unexpected issues that may arise during a software upgrade. Vocera client services engineers have a diverse, technical skill set to manage upgrades for all Vocera products. Visit to learn more.


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