Guide: Saving Time, Saving Lives: Transforming Sepsis Care


Sepsis remains one of the leading causes of mortality in the U.S., while annual spending for acute sepsis hospitalization and acute nursing places it as one of the costliest medical conditions to treat in the country. Time is of the essence when treating, and thus requires robust surveillance, communication, and support systems to provide timely and accurate reporting.   

Now more than ever, the implementation of AI and communication technologies are proving to be key components of a successful sepsis treatment program.  

The new Sepsis eBook, will help you discover vital knowledge and strategic insight into how technology is transforming sepsis care and providing a brighter outlook for the future.

“Early detection and appropriate treatment of sepsis can decrease mortality, improve patient outcomes and decrease the length of stay in hospitals.”

The Joint Commission

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Vocera hands-free, voice-controlled devices are purpose-built for frontline workers in the harsh healthcare environment. Frontline workers wear them to communicate safely and efficiently even under the most restrictive PPE, and to help reduce the spread of infectious disease

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New Guide! Transforming Sepsis Care

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