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Patients who understand their post-hospital care instructions are 30% less likely to be readmitted to the hospital

Vocera ® Care Experience is a set of cloud-based applications that is an integral part of the Vocera Platform for clinical communication and workflow. A comprehensive suite of software solutions including Pre-Arrival, Rounds, Care Inform, Care Calls, and Business Intelligence improve the patient and staff experience, regulatory compliance, and quality of care by engaging patients in a data-driven, systematic way across the care continuum from pre-arrival through post-discharge. This brief focuses on the Care Inform TM module.

Care Inform

The Care Inform module helps improve the patient’s understanding of their care plan, enhance the patient’s experience while in the hospital, and lessen the likelihood of readmission. Care Inform also enables care teams to communicate with patients and families:

• Staff members can record live instructions and teach-back sessions at the patient’s bedside and make them available for patients, family members, and caregivers to access anytime during and after the patient’s stay. The ability to reference these recordings after discharge can improve understanding of the care plan. For example, nurses can record a range of helpful content such as a video of a complex wound dressing change or audio recording of discharge instructions.

• Any care team member can use Care Inform. The surgeon may record advice on which post-surgery symptoms merit a call to the physician’s office or the dietitian provides a verbal description of specialized dietary restrictions with compliant meal suggestions.

• Staff can securely capture pictures, videos, and educational materials and send them to patients and their families over a platform designed to help you meet HIPAA requirements. Staff can also send appointment reminders, tasks, and care messages.

• Send notifications to patient and family mobile devices without asking them to download an app. For example, inform spouses when loved ones have left the operating room by sending a notification message via text or email.

• The software monitors patients retrieving and engaging with instructions, enabling the care team to determine patient engagement and offer support to help improve care compliance.

Vocera Care Experience is a comprehensive suite of software solutions including Pre- Arrival, Rounds, Care Inform, and Care Calls. The Business Intelligence module provides information that can help reveal gaps and prioritize improvements.

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