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Cancelled surgeries can cost hospitals $1 million per year.

Vocera ® Care Experience is a set of cloud-based applications that is an integral part of the Vocera Platform for clinical communication and workflow. A comprehensive suite of software solutions including Pre-Arrival, Rounds, Care Inform, Care Calls, and Business Intelligence improve the patient and staff experience, regulatory compliance, and quality of care by engaging patients in a data-driven, systematic way across the care continuum from pre-arrival through post-discharge. This brief focuses on the Pre-Arrival module.


In a single year at one 235-bed hospital, 6.7% of scheduled elective outpatient surgeries were cancelled, costing the hospital nearly $1 million. Pre-operative clinic visits were identified as one possible solution to this problem, but these can be a resource-intensive and highly manual answer.
With the Pre-Arrival solution, patients and family members at the hospital now receive automatic message notifications prior to admittance that provide critical information such as preparation steps, dietary restrictions, drug interactions, checklists, logistical information, and other reminders:

• Patients and family members can access educational materials around the clock prior to scheduled procedures.
• Health system staff can monitor patient engagement and comprehension to help the pre-admission team gauge preparedness.
• The software provides an at-a-glance view to the pre-admission team if the patient is at risk for cancellation and captures and analyzes cancellation rates and causes.
• Through the Business Intelligence module, review activity within the Vocera Care Experience solutions including Pre-Arrival in intuitive dashboards.

Vocera Care Experience is a comprehensive suite of software solutions including Pre-Arrival, Rounds, Care Inform, and Care Calls. The Business Intelligence module provides information that can help reveal gaps and prioritize improvements.

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