Zebra TC52-HC Data Sheet

Data Sheets

To provide the highest quality care on every shift, nurses and other healthcare workers need to call or text physicians and other co-workers, take calls coming in from the PBX, access electronic patient records, scan barcodes to ensure accuracy in medicine administration and specimen collection, monitor medical equipment alarms and more. As a result, the average healthcare worker needs a multitude of devices, from a two-way radio, a personal consumer smartphone, a mobile PBX handset to a barcode scanner and a pager that receives alarms from critical life support equipment. This translates into a lot of devices to purchase, manage and disinfect to prevent the spread of germs.

While many mobile computers can address some of these capabilities, the TC52-HC from Zebra delivers it all. With the TC52-HC in hand, healthcare workers have all the functionality they need to tackle virtually any task – without compromising on patient privacy or data security. When it comes to quality, you can expect the best — the TC52-HC sets the bar in its class for rugged design, screen functionality and size, barcode scanning performance, battery capacity, camera resolution, power, memory and data storage – all in a housing created with the industry’s most resilient medical-grade plastics. When it comes to value, get a device that delivers unsurpassed investment protection. The TC52-HC is built to last for years — and it can support the next two generations of Android, delivering superior investment protection.1

Give your workers all the tools they need to improve productivity, task accuracy and the patient experience with the Zebra TC52-HC — because when it comes to the quality of care, your patients deserve the best.

The power to run many simultaneous voice and data applications

Workers can answer an urgent PTT call, send a high-resolution photo of a wound to a physician and access a patient’s electronic health record, all in near real time — the TC52-HC can run it all. With more memory and up to two to eight times the data storage capacity offered by competitive enterprise-class healthcare mobile computers, the TC52-HC is the only device in this class to utilize hexa-core technology for blazing fast application performance and processing power. The 660 octo-core 2.2GHz processor runs apps up to five times faster — and consumes 15 percent less power.

Highest quality voice for crystal clear voice calls

In the hospital, there is no room for misunderstandings on a voice call. That’s why the TC52-HC offers the highest quality voice in its class. With noise cancellation and one-watt speakers, callers on both ends of the call will hear every word — no matter how hectic the environment may be.

The most sanitizable housing design

The TC52-HC is designed for healthcare from the ground up — screw holes are covered and the number of crevices and seams have been minimized, eliminating places where germs can hide. Advanced medical grade plastics provide superior toughness, with maximum resistance to cracking and the ability to withstand constant exposure to the widest selection of disinfectants in the industry.

The most powerful family of ready-to-use voice solutions

Give your healthcare workers better voice connections for better collaboration — and better outcomes. Workforce Connect PTT Express is pre-installed and pre-licensed, enabling push-to-talk right out of the box, inside the four walls, with any other worker carrying any PTT Express-enabled Zebra mobile computer. Want to enable PTT with physicians, paramedics and more outside the four walls? Make it happen in just days with our optional, cloud-based, cost effective Workforce Connect PTT Pro. And with optional Workforce Connect Voice, your TC52-HC mobile computers can double as cordless PBX handsets, reducing costs and eliminating a device to carry and manage.

Secure text messaging

In a hospital, there can be many situations where a voice conversation is inappropriate. With Workforce Connect Enterprise Messaging or the support of approved Partner voice and secure texting applications, your workers can text to eliminate the opportunity for others to overhear sensitive patient information. And since this easy-to deploy cloud-based solution works over Wi-Fi and cellular networks, your workers have the connections they need for superior collaboration — and better patient outcomes.

Maximum display space…maximum input options

The 5-inch display is the largest in its class, providing workers with more space to view more critical patient data. In addition, workers can use a bare or gloved finger to interact with applications and features, even if the screen is wet.

One-touch access to the most used features

The integrated Active Edge™ Touch Zone improves worker productivity by eliminating the multiple key presses users are forced to enter countless times on every shift, just to access the features they need. Now, users can create unique dedicated keys on either side of the display to access the most frequently used device features and applications with the single press of a finger — from the scanner and camera to specific apps and text messaging.

The most rugged design in its class

Dust and even jetting water are no match for the IP65-sealed TC52-HC. In addition to the broadest operating temperature range, the TC52-HC is also the only mobile computer in its class that can handle 4 ft./1.2 m drops over the entire operating temperature range. The Gorilla Glass touch panel and imager window bring maximum scratch- and shatter-proofing to two of the most vulnerable device features — the display and the scanner exit window. And the unibody design provides extra impact protection for the sensitive electronics.

A programmable button for instant communications

In healthcare, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. That’s why the TC52-HC has a button on the back of the device that can be programmed to access the most frequently used application or feature. For example, with one push of a button, a nurse can alert all appropriate healthcare workers to respond to a code blue.

First-time every-time fast and flawless scanning

Your workers scan barcodes all shift long for medication administration, patient identification, inventory management and more — there’s no time to waste rescanning or waiting for a scan to decode. One of our most advanced scan engines and Zebra-only PRZM Intelligent Imaging work together to deliver lightning fast capture of 1D and 2D barcodes, regardless of whether they are damaged, dirty and poorly printed or displayed on a screen. And with omni-directional scanning, workers get intuitive point and shoot functionality — there is never a need to spend time aligning barcode and scanner.

Two cameras improve speed and the quality of care

The 13 MP ultra-high-resolution rear-facing camera offers nearly two to three times the resolution found in competitive devices, providing the detail needed to document patient condition, such as wound status. And the front facing 5 MP camera enables Remote Consultation, allowing healthcare services to be administered quickly and easily to patients at home or in the hospital.

Dependable power for every minute of every shift

In the mission critical world of healthcare, there’s no time to hunt for and change batteries. The best-in-class PowerPrecision+ battery delivers up to 14 hours of battery life,2 ensuring workers have plenty of power for the longest shift — and devices are always available. A wealth of easily accessible battery metrics makes it easier to identify, remove and replace aging batteries. And with Warm Swap mode, you can change the battery without powering the device down or closing open applications.

The fastest, most dependable Wi-Fi connections

With support for 802.11ac and r, you get the fastest possible Wi-Fi speeds and the most robust roaming support, delivering dependable application performance — fast screen draws, fast data input, quality Voice-over-WLAN calls and no dropped calls.

Upgradeable, with future support for Android

With a Zebra service and support agreement, you can upgrade your TC52-HC to Android ‘N’ and ‘O’, providing the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the device you purchase today can serve your needs until the end of its lifecycle — delivering a superior return on investment.

Loadable Dictionary

In an environment when every minute counts, quick and accurate communication is key. Nurses do not have time to fight with auto-correct to enter abbreviations and commonly used healthcare terms in text messages. Now, you can easily create, deploy and update a custom dictionary of healthcare words and phrases, complete with shortcuts you define, enabling more efficient and effective text communications.

CartScan for improved workflow versatility

When a patient room is crowded with care staff and equipment, it may be difficult to maneuver the Workstation on Wheels to the patient bedside. With Zebra’s CartScan application, the TC52-HC simply becomes an extension of the Workstation on Wheels, allowing nurses to scan and enter barcodes at the patient bedside via the TC52-HC, improving workflow flexibility and worker efficiency.

The enterprise accessories you need for easy device management and expanded device flexibility

Backroom management is easier with the ShareCradle that charges it all — device and batteries. And with the optional Ethernet connection, syncing data with backend apps is easy.