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Since the introduction of the B3000 badge Vocera has offered a standard capacity and extended capacity battery so that customers can choose whichever battery size best suits their operating environments. However the differing battery capacities can cause some confusion as to which battery would be most suitable.

In the spirit of continual improvement, Vocera evaluated the current standard and extended batteries and decided to produce a new battery with a capacity between the current and extended batteries with the intention of offering a single B3000 Series battery going forward.

Vocera took this opportunity to make the following significant improvements to the new B3000 Series battery.

  • Increased mechanical strength in the battery casing and improved latch and locating pin design to provide greater resilience to drops and damage

  • Increased resistance to dust and water ingress (IP54) and cleaning agents found in healthcare

  • An ability to track discharge and recharge cycles, in conjunction with firmware update to better

    measure when a battery is in need of replacement

  • Unique identification of batteries through a serial number for improved inventory management

    To ease introduction of the new B3000 Series battery, the new battery is fully compatible with all B3000 Desktop and 8-Bay Chargers, including the operation of the battery health indicators in these chargers. The new B3000 Series battery is fully compatible with both B3000 and B3000n badges.

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