The Savoy Guests Receive London’s First Bespoke VIP Check-In Experience with Vocera

Case Studies

The Savoy brings the hotel experience to new levels of luxury with Vocera Voice: guests are greeted by name, skip traditional check-in, and are personally escorted to their rooms upon arrival. Hotel staff is also able to more effectively communicate with employees who walk around the hotel.

Super slick, subtle, and with an air of discernment, The Savoy’s unparalleled elegance and commitment to first-class customer service has made it world renowned as a byword for luxury. No wonder it is the perfect partner for Vocera, becoming the inaugural hotel in Europe to showcase the latest groundbreaking ‘perfect arrival’ technology

The five-star, newly refurbished Savoy searched the market for a product that could discreetly and efficiently meet its front-of-house communication needs, offering exceptional bespoke customer service at a level previously unimaginable.

“Vocera is the only product we could find that did exactly what we wanted,” said Tim Clough, the hotel’s IT Director. He adds, “It is absolutely key that our guests get bespoke, five-star service from the second they walk through the door. Vocera has been extremely useful on this front and makes The Savoy experience unique.”

The Savoy provided all front-of-house staff, including doormen, concierge, porters, receptionists, pages, and butlers with the exceptional Vocera® Communication Badge when it reopened in October 2010.

The technology works by seamlessly allowing doormen to announce guest arrival to everyone in front of house, so the guest can immediately be greeted by name the moment they step into the lobby. Guests are then personally escorted to their room without having to do a traditional ‘check in’ or wait in the lobby.

The innovative technology means hotel staff can cater to each guest’s individual needs and requirements, giving them an A-list experience. The discreet Vocera Badge even allows the staff member escorting the guest to their room to contact the butlers en route, so they are already waiting at the room ready to greet the guest by name.

Mr. Clough explained, “The one thing you want to do when you get to a hotel is get checked in fast. You don’t want to queue to check in, especially if you have been travelling. We can get guests to their room within two minutes and make them feel truly taken care of. It’s that little element that makes a big difference.”

“Guests don’t even know the device is there, it’s so discreet, but they love the fact that they are greeted by name as soon as they walk in and we’ve had a lot of great comments about it on TripAdvisor. For us, using Vocera was a no brainer,” states Mr. Clough.

The Strand-based hotel staff have also revealed that they find Vocera, extremely useful in directly contacting colleagues who are walking around the hotel. The discreet Vocera Badge uses speech recognition to connect the staff members in an instant. Mr. Clough states, “It was quite difficult to contact the night manager when he could be anywhere in the hotel but I can now reach him without having to track him down first. It has freed up a lot of our time.”

According to Mr. Clough, “There really are so many ways it can be used. I’ve recommended it to other hotels and for those that have the money to invest; I think it’s an easy decision.”

Friedrich von Schoenburg—Assistant front office manager

Friedrich has worked at The Savoy since it reopened in October 2010 and although he has worked in some of the world’s finest hotels, he says none beat the exceptional arrival experience of The Savoy.

Friedrich said, “Guests are always amazed that all the staff greet them by name as soon as they walk in the door. They’re very impressed.”

“Also when showing a guest up to their room, I can use Vocera whilst we are on our way so when the lift doors open, the butlers will be ready to greet them. It is little touches like that which gives the wow impact to the guests.”

“It doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity or if it’s your first visit to The Savoy, everybody gets the VIP five-star treatment on arrival and is made to feel special.” Friedrich says Vocera not only helps to create the perfect arrival experience for guests, but it also makes his job a lot easier. “I could be carrying something through the hotel and I can take a call by just saying ‘yes.’ I accept the call without having to stop what I’m doing. Vocera is a crucial part of the whole experience.”

Boris Messmer—Guest relations manager

Boris Messmer has worked in the luxury hotel industry for over six years but says with Vocera, The Savoy has taken five-star to another level.

The Guest Relations Manager expresses that the hotel made a conscious decision not to have a reception desk in the entrance hall and that this design was based around Vocera capabilities.

“You can walk into a beautiful hotel with an amazing atmosphere,” said Boris, “but if you then have to go and stand in a queue at reception as though you are in a coffee shop then where is the five-star?”

With all front-of-house staff wearing their Vocera Badges at all times, Boris can be in the office writing an email but still be connected to his staff.

“Vocera is amazing. I couldn’t do my job properly without it,” he said. “It helps to make sure I’m always aware and I’m always prepared.” The guests look at me like I’m some kind of magician. They are often awestruck that I just know which room I’m taking them to without ever going to a reception desk and then their bags are already there as if by magic.”

Tony Cortegaca—Doorman

Tony has worked as a doorman at The Savoy for 26 years and has watched how Vocera has helped form an unrivalled arrivals experience.

“When a guest arrives, using Vocera, I pass their name onto my colleague at reception and by the time they step through the doors there will be someone waiting to greet them by name and take them to their room,” said Tony

“It’s funny that the guests are so amazed, it makes them feel good. I have more responsibility in my role as doorman now as the first part of the chain and I feel like Vocera is helping me to do a better job.”