2021 CNO Report: 6 Strategies to Protect Nurses


Speaker / Author

Rhonda Collins, DNP, RN, FAAN, Chief Nursing Officer, Vocera

Dr. Collins has been a registered nurse for over 30 years and the CNO at Vocera since 2014. She works closely with nurses, physicians, IT professionals and other hospital leaders around the world to improve the lives of patients, families, and care teams. On a mission to elevate the voices of nurses, she is a co-founder of the American Nurse Project.

Effective communication is the underpinning of everything that happens in a hospital.

This webinar featuring Rhonda Collins, DNP, RN, FAAN,Chief Nursing Officer, Vocera is support by PSQH and reviews the 2021 CNO Report and discusses the role of effective communication in keeping nurses safe and protected.

It covers:

  • How do you protect the physical safety and psychological well-being of your care team?
  • What risk factors are currently impacting the safety and well-being of your nurses and other care team members?

Learn how to empower nurses with control over patient-family communication, protecting nurses from workplace violence, measuring and solving for communication task load and more.

Take a deeper dive in the report by accessing it through the form below.

The more we listen to nurses’ voices, the better we can support and protect them, and the better we can engage the creative thought process of nurse leaders. Join me in this conversation

2021 CNO Report Webinar

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