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To help retain and support nurses, fix communication

We asked more than 500 nurses to describe a recent communication experience and rate it according to the NASA Task Load Index (TLX), a tool that measures workers’ task load in high-intensity jobs.

Addressing and preventing healthcare workplace violence 

Hear an overview of The Academy’s Workplace Violence Maturity Model and learn how Major Health Partners engaged in a caregiver safety strategy that resulted in increased reporting and faster incident response.

How hospitals can use tech to protect staff from exhaustion and workplace violence in complex work environments

View Rhonda Collins, DNP, RN, FAAN, as she discusses ways to reduce workflow burden by streamlining workflow, improving communication, and safeguarding against violence and infection risk.

Protecting the Safety and Well-being of our Nation’s Healthcare Workforce

About The backbone of our nation’s healthcare system is in jeopardy because clinicians and other care team members are leaving the profession in droves. To protect the...

Simplify Nurse Care Communication via the Cloud

Speaker / Author Patrick de la Roza Senior Vice President, Innovation & Patient Solutions Speaker / Author Si Luo Vice President, Vocera Edge About For those health...

Hospital at Home

Webinar: Reimagine Patient Care and Safety, Consider a Hospital At Home Hosted by PSQH There is no place like healing at home. Hospital at Home (HaH) programs have been...

Unify Communication To Unify Care Teams

Hear how the University of Virginia Health System (UVA Health) is deploying an enterprise communication solution to replace their alphanumeric pager system, which is limited to sending one-way messages.

Vocera Edge Mobile Application Webinar hosted by CHIME

About Providers and frontline care teams increasingly expect health systems to empower them to do more with their mobile devices and mobile-first experiences...

6 Strategies to Protect Nurses and the Future of Nursing

Join Rhonda Collins, DNP, RN, FAAN, Chief Nursing Officer at Vocera, as she examines the state of the profession and facilitates an important global conversation. Hosted by Becker’s.

McKnight Senior Living Expo Presentation

In this recorded presentation, Dr. Rhonda Collins discusses strategies from her 2021 CNO Perspective report to help protect and connect senior living residents, families and care teams.

2021 CNO Report: 6 Strategies to Protect Nurses

Dr. Collins discusses her 2021 CNO Report in this hosted webinar with PSQH. Learn about solutions to help protect the physical, emotional, and psychological well-being of nurses and other care team members.

Connected Care Teams Save Time, Brain Cells and Lives

Effective and timely communication in health care is vital to patient care and safety. When caring for people experiencing a stroke, saving time is critical to saving...

IT Strategies to Improve Alarm Management and Safety

Dr. Ben Kanter discusses how a CC&C platform and an intelligent alarm management strategy can improve operational efficiencies, simplify clinical workflows, and reduce cognitive overload among clinicians.

Meeting Patient Safety Challenges of Today and Tomorrow

Panel discussion includes several pressing topics facing patient safety and quality professionals and what healthcare facilities will look like after COVID-19 is finally under control.

Reimagine Care Team, Patient and Family Communication

Protect staff and keep patients safe. Communicate via one-way messages or two-way video throughout the entire hospital.

Protect Patients, Care Teams and COVID-19 Vaccines

Join Ben Kanter, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer at Vocera. Learn how to safeguard COVID-19 vaccines, protect frontline healthcare workers, and preserve resources.
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