Nurses are Innovators

Professional nursing holds a unique place in the world’s healthcare infrastructure. Nurses are the largest work group in the healthcare system and, as we have seen over the past two and a half years, their impact on the safety and wellbeing of communities, nations, and the world is immeasurable.

Nurse Leaders Must Unleash the Power of Nurse Innovation

How do we change the environment nurses work in to support their resilience? One way we do it is by responding to nurses’ calls to innovate how we deliver care. That’s the focus of the CNO Perspective report on nurse-led innovation. This report lays out six ways to address nurses’ call for innovation and improving the work environment:

  • Simplify and unify communication workflow
  • Connect mobile care teams
  • Transform the hospital’s systems into nurse extenders
  • Innovate care models
  • Identify tasks to offload from the nurse
  • Empower nurses to manage the patient and family experience